Flat work 

Today I got up at 07.30 and rode flat work on my 3 chestnut boys! 

Outfit of the day: JEM L riding pants, Versace tshirt, Hermes belt, Parlanti Passion and Kep ITALIA 

I rode Alf first! A looong time! Really made sure he was in front of me, but still relaxing! 

Next was Ice Tea (picture with outfit) he was strong today, so rode him with low intensity 1hour and 15 min! 

Last one for me was Duc! He was very good today, means we did a good work out yesterday  

Skin rode Calla, and they were really good today also! She managed to control her right shoulder all the time! Good Skin⭐

When we was finished riding I wet for a run 

And after that to the beach 🏝☀️🍡🍦 going to the beach outfit! Skirt from Cazeldonia, top from Stradivious, some shop here, 11 euro! Love the hot pink! And new Sandals!

Bikini of the day: children bikini top with Ananas (Pinapple) form Cazeldonia, pants from Tezenis 

Skin😍😎 CHECK OUT HER 6 pack!! GOALS!!

Afterwords we went to town and got some G E L A T O 🍡🍦😅😍

And vet check! I took Duc this time! Skin took as usual the rest, she normally takes everybody 😉

Horse cuddles 

And to finish up the post, here are me and Thelma wearing my riding pants! I am wearing JEM ONE SEEM, she is wearing JEM L 

Went for a evening walk, me and Skin got Mc Donald’s and eat it in the truck! That sums up the day! 

Have a good evening guys

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