THIS HORSE💖 CLEAR THE WHOLE WEEKEND! Not only in the ring, but also not a pole down in the warm up !

Back to my day! First one today was Alf’i in 135, the class started at 08.35 and me and Alf was NR1! Good round but a little touch out of the second double gave us one down

I rode Duc as 32, so when I was fished with Alf, Skin run to the stables and brushes Duc! Then we took care of Alf and made Duc ready! Duc was amazing today as well! Clear again⭐💖🐴🥕

Skin and Callas class started right after, so we were quick again! Did not have time to plait them today! I waked the course with Skin and I tried to learn her how to remember the course and how to ride and why as good as I can! I really think she can be very good! Anyway! They had a good round with one down 

Skin and Calla ( skin and me going trough the course before she goes in the ring) 

Skin and Calla in the warm up

TEAM HAPPY WITH A GOOD ROUND! 😂 everyday when I groom for Skin I wear the backpack 

Ice cream after 

Thelma and Bellz after a great round! She is wearing my SO COOL jacket in black 

The Grand Prix started at 15.00 so I had some time to eat and relax before! Feed the horses first of course 

Used a lot of time making Ice Tea beautiful for the Grand Prix! He’s first 2*Grand Prix! Exciting 

Look how pretty! Also with the GO TO THE RING rug How it went! Well it felt good.. Ice Tea is a horse that is highly motivated to jump, and I really need to keep him calm. So when I let him run he has a pole. Not gonna go more in to it than that. Anyway, he feels really powerful and scoopy! 

Me and Ice in the warm up 

In the ring 

Now we have packed and I am getting up at 03.00 to go home to my love Francois❤️
I put the bandages and back on track on! Here’s Alf 


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