Trucking home

Hi guys! Today we loaded up the horses at 04.00 am in the morning and headed home !  We drove to ca 10, and then feed the horses again!

(They got food in the truck when we stared to drive, and all they could eat, the box full of hay and mash hay brix in the evening)

“Pit” stop

When we came home the boxes was prepaird perfect for the horses 

Packing out 

I washed Picsou perfect before the vet Daniel should come! Important that the feet are really clean in case the horse need a injection! And no hoof oil the day of the vet! -to avoid infection! I put Picsou out in the sunshine so he could dry quick 

Let the horses out in the paddock for a while 

Daniel came and checked the guys and Calla! 

Poor Picsou is still not good! Hopefully he will be okey soon! 
Me and Francois went to Mc Donald’s when we were finished with the horses! 

Took groceries and went directly to the gym before we went home! My shoes was dirty so I went in my beare feet and in my truck driver dress 😂

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