The weather is sun rain sun! Made a 10 km long run today before I went to the stables! Love the print on the top! But it is a cotton top, so if it’s hot and I’m gonna sweat a lot I prefer the tops in that “stay dry” material! Cotton tops are cooler for “normal wear”

I was running in the area of the stables today! First over this bridge, then by the river 

Then over this bridge 

And home the way we usually ride! Even meet Sara and some students 

Riding outfit of the day: Armani long sleeve tshirt, JEM ONE SEEM PANTS, Louis Vuitton belt and braceletCheck it out! They were all outside when I came 

Stared with Alf’i, we rode some dressage on the filed, in pissing rain😂 was not raining at first, but when I was half way there it started! Managed to get Alf long and low even though the weather was a bit..

Calla next, must stand on a step to get the bridel on good 

We rode inside! As a fact it was good, not just because of the weather, but we have mirrors inside and I can look how i am working the horse! So inside for Calla, Ice and Duc! Now it’s date time for me and Francois! And I am gonna wear this dress! Gucci dress and bag, Christian Loubouitin shoes, Hermes scarf in hair! And I’m gonna take a warm jacket over! BRRR, only 17 degrees here! Have a great Saturday evening 

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