Jumping with The Giraffe Jumper today

Me, Francois and Nashmil went to the gym in the morning and afterwords the stable! I wanted to run outside, but it was pissing rain, haha, what I say when it’s raining a lot! I have more motivation to run outside for the moment than to run on the treadmill. Goes in periods! I thought we had to cancel jumping today bacause of the bad weather, but in Bex it’s was good!

Since I am riding Calla myself now I wanted to jump with her to see how it feels to be together again after almost one year! 

I build a easy course cause me and Skin ride very different and I wanted me and the horse to relax together! It went very well! Warmed up on this gymnastic and did a little course after! She was TOP 

Some pictures from the course! 

I rode Alf’i after! He was much more relaxed today! Happy about that! I could change the rythm and still keep his neck long! 

Here me and Alf’i are posing for outfit of the day picture! 

Gucci tshirt, Hermes belt, JEM ONE SEEM pants, Parlanti Passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet! 

Alf is wearing: Equipe bridle, equiline fly hat,RG saddle pad, PS of Sweden tendon boots, Eskadron bell boots, Acavallo pad and Butet saddle 

Apples after being a good boy 

I rode Ice Tea and Nashmil walked Jill and Picsou! Tomorrow Daniel is coming to check Pic! Fingers crossed😃🤔😍

The Ice Machine is really fresh and strong! I work more than him to get him to work with his hindlegs, put the balance there, stay active and still be light in the hand! Transitions x 100000! Better tomorrow! 

Today I also went to give Irene a lesson with a pony that she rides, Kiki! It went well! Irene is going to the USA for some competing on borrowed horses this summer! So I wish her the very best of luck, and hopes for a good and safe time 

Francois❤️ me and Nashmil went out for dinner this evening, wanted to wear a summer dress but sooo foggy and cold at home in the mouintain! – now it’s bed time for me! 

2 thoughts on “Jumping with The Giraffe Jumper today”

  1. Hi Eva,
    Would be nice to know how You have create the names of your pants and other products? 😊
    Have a nice day! 🔆


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