My day

Started the day by running 3.5 km at home before me and Francois❤️ went to his doctor in Geneva!  Us today

I’m wearing Dior Jacket, Alexander McQueen skirt, Christian Louboutin shoes, Hermes Birkin bag, Chanel earrings

Francois❤️ custom made shirt, pants and shoes, Zilli jacket! 

We got some really good news so we went for a little celebration after 😍


Followed by some swan feeding 

And some shopping 

We also went to the apple shop trying to get a lap top and a ipay machine, for the riding clothes business. But I need a Norwegian keyboard, so I was of course prepared that I would not get it today. But at least now somebody from Apple will call me and we will find a good solution for us! 😂extra shoes in the bag, for when my feet get tired from the high heels! 

Then the guys and the stables 😍Me and Ice looking so goofy! Anyway, Armani tank top, my JEM ONE SEEM riding pants, Chanel belt with star diamonds⭐, and as always!- Parlanti Passion! 

Made 1 million small braids on Ice Tea, he has such a thick mane, and I don’t like to pull his hair out to make it thinner and stay on one side! So these small braids makes his hair thinner and stay at one side! If I keep it braided down long enough! 

Working a lot with Ice Tea now to be able to go in a shape with his head down, and carry himself, working active and being light in the hand! 

Almost more work for him than me.. but we will get there! If you have a similar problem, that your horse is strong and a bit hard in the mouth start with walk stop walk stop. The Trott walk Trott walk. Use your voice at the same time! Hoooooooo, like Sánta clause! And when the horse does that for easy touch by the rains, start to do it in Gallop walk gallop walk! A good tips is to do it in the begging on a small circle so the horse does not get so much speed and makes himself long. More like turn him around himself and sit him “uphill” in to walk! When he is super soft and good in the hand Start working on the shape, and the activity! 

Remember to reward the horses and NEVER EVER EVER BECOME ANGRY WITH THE HORSE! If you have a problem get more concentrated and get back to basic, the solution is there! He’s so cute! But I’m so sleepy so I’m not going to write so much more about my day, cause i want to go watch some tv in my Pj’s 😴 but the other horses was also good

4 thoughts on “My day”

  1. Superfint ju med tjocka manar på hopphästar -tycker jag i vart fall:)
    Men ja, klart svårare att grooma o klippa 😆

    Undrade en random sak; pratar du franska eller engelska med Francois? Kan han norska annars?

    Fin klädsel på stan , så elegant.


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