Up at 06.00 and Cardio

Started my day by doing the cardio up the mouintain 

When I came back we, Me❤️Francois and Nashmil had breakfast, followed by some tanning! 

Stables! Daniel checked Picsou! And he is a lot bette😍so good to know that he is responding to the treatment combined with loads of handwaling and ice!

I jumped Calla a little today also, a bit higher! It went even better than yesterday 

Nashmil helped out and trotted her off 

She longed Ice Tea today and I rode Duc and Alf!Duc watching some cardio girls ⭐

Ice outside his box eating

Getting groceries 

Outfit of the day: Louis Vuitton belt, tshirt, bracelet, JEM L pants, Parlanti passion ! Not the most beautiful photos of me😂😂😂

When all this was done it was time for MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL! 

My outfit! Vintage dress, Chanel sandals, Gucci bag and Louis Vuitton scarf! Really love the dress, need to use it more 

Me and my LOVE😍

Francois bought me a new bracelet! Since the two hearts on my hand was not enough to show that I am already with the BEST MAN IN THE WORLD, at least now with this bracelet nobody can be mistaken about that 

Went to eat at crazy cow, sorry ment Holy Cow, best burgers in Montreux!! Sitting with random people, eating by the lake! Montreux jazz festival mood! 😋💃🕺

Also this coala 

Went for some dancing 😂

Some drinks 

Since I had not already eaten enough today, I also got a Belgian waffle 😉😂😋

Not to forget, Francois bought me this beach dress and this tank top in one of the stands 😍 so cute! Thank you Francois❤️ 

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