Cardio mouintain again🏃‍♀️

Do you guys get fed up with reading everyday that I go running here and there and then riding? 

Started the day with the cardio mouintain! 800 kcal burned on 1.30 hours! on my way up! Cows chillin! Makes me so happy to see the animals as I pas by!

Cloudy in Leysin today 

Then stables! My outfit! Red and green Gucci belt, burberry tshirt, Cavalleria Toscana and Parlanti Passion! Actually I had to go to Lausanne a short trip first to get some pants for Francois❤️ 

Then stables! Started the day with Jill! Looong time grooming her! Such a sweet horse! And 30 min handwalking her! Picsou is very fresh when I Hand walk him, when his not in work. But Jill is 100% calm, maybe because she is not okey? Maybe that makes her tired? 

Longed Ice Tea a little after, wanted to see his back movement without the saddle! 

Somebody took a bite of my tendon boots..(?) 

The program of Picsou today was first handwalking 30 min, and later in the day light riding! I cleaned his feet perfect with baby shampo! Important to scrub the hoofs, they can get dry if there is a lot of “old shit” sticking to them! 

Picsou fishing for candy 🥕🥕🥕I always walk them with Ice Vibe! Then they get cold down, vibration, and get protected on the front legs incase something should happen 

Riding Duc! We are working a lot in getting him to be stronger in collected canter! He thinks its heavy! But he is so positive ALL the time! Happy horse! I collect him, and when I feel it’s really hard for him, I ride forward a while and collect again!

Duc and his friends, Picsou and Alf! Duc has ice on after riding

This is how it looks like when I change the ice on the horses! New ice in the Ikea bag, change and bring melted ice back to the freezer in the Ikea bag! 

Calla time! 

Me and Calla galloped over some poles today, and trained to land in the right canter! We also trained on changing the canter in a relaxed way! Good girl! A bit windy, no fly’s, so no fly bonnet!

Alf’i had a session if dressage in the ridinghouse! He was shocked over the fact that the door was “open” . So it took a looooong time of just riding forward to get him to relax! Not my most productive day with him! But I wanted to have a change in the ground with him today, not always ride the same place so I went here! 

Ice also had one more training session today! Dressage in the riding house! He was actually really good today! 

Got home quite late, but I was blessed! ❤️Francois had dinner ready for me😍 most amamzing man in the WHOLE WORLD! IT WAS SOOOO GOOD!!

5 thoughts on “Cardio mouintain again🏃‍♀️”

  1. Hey, Eva, I wanted to ask you, who is taking pictures of you for your blogg? 😂 before, when Skin was still grooming for you, I always thaught that it’s her job, but know I don’t even know who could make them 😂 maybe it’s a little funny question, but nevermind 😃

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  2. Nej det är inte alls tråkigt att läsa vardagen!
    Tycker din blogg e väldigt rolig att läsa
    , som jag redan kommenterat tidigare ^^

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