To the stables 

I am being such a good groom for myself! Doing everything perfect! Everyday I discover things that was suppose to be done but was not, and I do it! Today one of the things was organizing the rugs that hang on the box doors 

My outfit! Cool tshirt I got in present from two amazing girls! Red Gucci belt, Cavalleria Toscana, Parlanti passion 


Me and Alf went for interval training today! He was a very good boy! 

Duc had dressage today also, felt I had to work trough the collected canter a little more! Tomorrow he will get to go in the woods and canter without any big demands from me! Her he is following me around when I am collecting horse S…, and he is wanting apples! 

Short stop to eat his apple 😍

Ice Tea had flatwork over poles today! Trained on Galloping the turn and making he wait a extra stride up to the pole!

Calla had forest riding 

Since our horses are thin,                  ❤️Francois has orderd all this haylige! And I give them extra musli with loads of proteins inside, and also minerals! Yeah, carrots also 

Made a little surprise for Ice Tea, when they let him out of his box tonight he will find these 😋

Daniel was here again to check on Picsou! He needs about a week more walk/rest. and then I can walk/Trott/canter a bit again! Took care and walked Jill and Picsou! 

Then home and gym with Francois And the MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL 

My outfit! Just Cavalli dress, Chanel espadrilles, Chanel boy bag, Chanel earring , bracelet, and scarf 

All angle, so you have a 360 degree view! Haha do I give anyone fashion inspiration 

Burrito KING TODAY !!!!!mmmmmm

Followed by some walking around, drinks and Ice Cream 


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