On fire 🏃‍♀️🙋

Woke up at 05.00 AM, had a quick Dr Atkins bar breakfast and headed down to the stables! It’s going to be really hot today, and I also want some girlfriend❤️boyfriend time with Francois❤️ later, so I want to be finished in a reasonable time😃 

This is Duc when I came to get him in his box this morning😂 he’s like interval training NOW? I’m like Yeah! You want to do your rounds in +35 degrees or what? 

On our way! It was a bit chili in the morning so I was wearing a jacket 

Duc after! Walking together home! Really happy to have done it! 

Next one was Alf’i! He is so fresh for the moment, he did the double of Duc and hardly even broke a sweat!


When I came back with Alf and was finish taking care of him and putting ice on him, Duc was in the paddock! So I just changed the ice in the paddock! 

As I said before they have big ice on the front twice after riding! In case they have made a bad step or something that has caused a iritantion or a inner bleeding the ice will help! 

Last interval today was Ice Tea! Ice Tea is a horse that has easy for building muscles, but has more difficult for the condition! How ever it went very good today! He was not even that strong! 

On our way back! We even stopped for some grass 

Simone the stable boss was training a kur program with one of her chestnuts Rubens! So it think it was good that I rode outside in the horses  today so she could concentrated!

Took care of Ice Tea, and went to take ice of Duc and change the ice on Alf! Alf was outside

Now I am on the train down from Leysin! Going to pick Skin and her family up at the train in Aigle! So I had time to run/walk up the mouintain and take the little train down! 

When I had my little pause on the way up a nice man offered me these raspberry! So good! Grateful 

On my way up 

Just before the train, you can find fresh drinking water! SOO good!!

On the train!

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