Showing Skin and the family about riding the horse stright 

So after getting the fam of Skin, and Skin at the train, – we went to Mc Donald’s! I had a grilled chicken wrap menu 

Skin and co was tired from all the adventures, fun and not enough sleep! So when we got back to the stables and Skins appartement they went to chill, and I fixed some more stuff with the horses!

Check out the order I have! I had to clean the groom bag myself in the end! But now it is clean!

Perfectly clean! 

Calla ready to ride

My riding outfit of the day: 

Guess top, Gucci belt, Parlanti Passion, Kep Italia

I showed the family of Skin a little dressage so they can help Skin understand and continue to get better when she is back home 

Skin even got to ride a little on Calla afterwords! After all they were best friends 😃

The stables put my horses out in the paddock every day, and they also have the small paddock outside the box open all day. Except for Ice Tea, he has it open in the night when the other horses are closed in! Since he used to be a stallion. Anyway! I put him out a extra time in the paddock in the day so he can be more outside 

I went a quicky to Starbucks my outfit! Fendi dress, Chanel boy bag, Chanel espadrilles (snap chat picture)

Better picture of the dress, but with Fendi bag! Love this dress cause with espadrilles is so casual, but with high heels it’s so elegant 

With espadrilles 

With high heels 

Then I meet Francois a Suisse national show, and we watched together! 

At the show it was some shops and I bought a dressage whip and some bell boots to ride in the forest with Warm in the area where we live, but cold and windy here! So I had the chance to use my new Burberry trench coat that I got for my birthday 🎂😍💖

When we got home we went to the gym, and that’s that for today! Just realized I’m all about pink and yellow today 😂🙋🎀

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