Saturday, pancakes and MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL💖

I know you guys want the recipe for my pancakes! And I promis next week I will Vlogg it! PROMISE!!long breakfast, me ❤️Francois and Nashmil that came back again for the weekend!

After that it was time for my cardio! Mountain today 

Saw this guy today on my way up! Lives with some cows!

Donkey on the left, my trail on the right!

29 degrees hot so not so warm as the other days, but anyway! BLESS for this one 


After my walk I drove Skin and her family to the train! They had a lot of luggage!  Wishing Skin and her family the VERY VERY BEST for the future 😃😃😃🙋

Stables! My outfit: Armani tshirt, JEM ONE SEEM black and pink pants, Hermes belt, Kep ITALIA, Parlanti passion!

Me and Calla did some flatwork and ended our training session galloping over this small jumps! We trained the ride-ability, to land and wait, gallop straight after and trough the turn 

Calla after being a good girl, rewarded with apples 

On the blog it has been suggested that I make some kind of padding in the front of my SO ZEN rug, so we don’t have to use the “leg pads”! But I preferred no padding and use the leg pads, cause this bucks rug has the padding, and it makes the horses sweat a lot, then the padding becomes sticky and I have to wash the whole rug before I can use it again! But when we just put a leg pad in the front, the horse can still keep his fly rug, and we can just wash the pad! THOUGHS??


Alf was next, he was crazy spooky over a dressage rail that was outside the ring! All this light work has really given him energy! Took a LOOOOOOONG time before he relaxed, and when he finally did, he felt super! Eating apples after work 

Next one was Duc! Just light forest riding with him today also! A bit strong, but okey! 

Then Ice time! Flat work for him! Look how cute he makes himsel!

Walked with Picsou and Jill!

Jill has btw a wound under her head that I clean everyday! This is a tip, clean the wounds with Betadine/jodosan/Jodd, it really disinfect the wound and it keeps fly’s away  poor Jill! She is such a sweet horse! I really hope a good solution will come for her💖 

Almost forgot to show you, I got more unicorns for Ice Tea! 

And also this one! Im going to wrap him and give it to the Red Cross for Christmas presents to children when we are closer to Christmas off course 

Showers and Made my self ready for Francois to pick me up and take me to the Montreux Jazz Festival 💖 We had tickets for the Salsa boat 😃🏝🥂🍾💑💃🕺

My outfit: Chanel loafers and earrings, Gucci bag and belt, Dior vintage dress that I bought in the ‘High end brands only’  second hand shop in Vevey, Dior scarf in my hair  accessories: Gucci horse bit bracelet, Cartier bracelet Tiffanys and ❤️FRANCOIS❤️ bracelet 

Bag and shoes 

The boat 

My captain 

People dancing and having a good time everywhere Safety on top, even a diver together with the life guards! One boat  on each side of the party boat 

My👑KING❤️dancing with me💃🕺

Yeah, we got a bit sweaty 

When we were back in harbor we went to get something to eat! I took Holy Cow and Francois❤️ took Indian! -Great seats! We Can’t wait to share it with Trine next week😍Followed by some drinks and dessert LOVE TO SHARE A DESSERT WITH MY LOVE! TWO SPOONES ❤️❤️

Now I’m finishig up this long blog post in the car on my way home! Hoping everybody have a awesome Saturday night 💑💃🕺

2 thoughts on “Saturday, pancakes and MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL💖”

  1. Jag är inte ens så inne i rosa “ish” kläder men gud vad fin den där klänningen var!
    och passar dig så bra dessutom 🙂

    Roligt med båtfest ser riktigt härligt ut

    Liked by 1 person

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