Sunday and jumping 

But first gym time! 

Her comes some gym clothes inspiration pictures! LOVE the colors! Many people prefer more plain! But I LOVE colors! I wish I had one more of this top cause I want to use it all the time!!

Check out the back! SOO cool! And great when it is hot outside 
Then the stables! 

Gucci today! Hermes scarf, And JEM L riding pants 

Started with fixing the jumps a little before I took Calla! Today’s theme on the training is strengthening the back and the of the horses😃 so I start with a little up and down, move over to a long gallop down to a vertical, then short turn to long gymnastic line, loooong gallop to a oxer, then a vertical, oxer combination with 3 strides to a vertical! 

After every effort in the corse, the up and down and the line the horses got some time to respirate/breath on the long way down to the oxer and vertical! 

Here’s Calla, The Giraffe Jumper 

Calla was really super today! Listen to me and made very good jumps! I ride her calmly and then just sit still in front of the jump to give her time to consentrate and use her scoop 

Next one was the Ice Machine/ ICE❄️TEA🍹

He has not jumped since the show and thought he had to do everything very very very fast.. so we had to have a talk about it😃 after some carrots, some talking and 100 transitions it went goodlook at his hips! If the stable guys does not feed quick enough he tries to beat up Picsou trough the wall, meaning he is self hurting! Not cool

Then my bff Duc! He is so cute! The other horses had to jump the course a couple of times, but not Duc! Partly because he does it good straight away, and partly because he is the family pet and he did so much for us that we always protect him! So he can stay healthy for many many more years 💖🐴Front leg goals! 

Look how cute

Top notch Apple eat’er

For Alf’i it was flat work on the schedual! And jumping tomorrow! He was a bit spooky but relaxed in the end! When he spooks I just keep riding him and working him, spooking can also be a good idea the horse has to escape work! Cause when he spooks it takes the riders attention away from getting the horse to work in the perfect shape with perfect activity! 

Alf always looks so grumpy when he gets his treats 😂 he does not make himself “cute as a dog” like the other horses do

I finished in the stables, walking Picsou and Jill and Francois went home! And we meet at a restaurant near where we live! I did not go home to change because it was already quite late, so it just put my pink burberry trench coat, Louis Vuitton scarf and Chanel loafers on together with my riding outfit! Worked perfect! That’s what’s so cool with the JEM L! Pink Gucci bag 

Or food and my love! Haha! Not the best picture of him, but my phone run out of battery so that was it! I think he looks perfect anyway!

4 thoughts on “Sunday and jumping ”

  1. Gillar din personlighet och ler ofta av att läsa fin blogg! Och dina detaljerade inlägg oxå, hur du gör osv

    Keep it up 🙂
    Vennlig hilsen:)

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