I don’t sleep on snooze 

Up at 05.30, protein bar and down to Aigle to make my Cardio walk/run up to Leisin! Me this morning, wanted to jump back in to the warm bed with my ❤️KING! But I have very good self motivation, so i followed my plan

On my way up! So beautiful 

Picked up my favorite ice cream on my way to the stables! 

Then stables! Walked the whole gang today, except Alf that jumped! But walked the others since they jumped yesterday, and they still are a bit thin, so it was a good way to reciprocate 

Amazing picture of Calla in the paddock! Haha😂😂, me and Picsou was cuddling and then she came around the corner to see what we were up to! 

So my outfit today, went Gucci and JEM L again

I put the bridle like this when I give them apples after training! 

Alf was also very good today! He jumped good and did not touch a pole! He did the same exercise as the other horses did yesterday 

Turn to the left! COM ON 😋

Then I had a dentist appointment in Geneva, I have had adult braces😂 so they needed to check that I am using my sleeping braces and that it still fits and not scaraching the protective layer on my theeth. It’s called emaljen in Norwegian! 

Francois telling them that I’m here! Me smiling nervous! Don’t like dentists 

It went fine so I was rewarded 

 with some Starbucks 

Quick visit to Patek Philippe! Me and Francois are so in to watches right now 

My outfit: Vintage dress, Louis Vuitton scarf, Christian Louboutin shoes, Gucci bag, Patek Philippe watch, Cartier bracelets and tiffanys bracelet 

After this we got some terrible news from Danmark. But I put it in a separate post 

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