Before the sun is up 

Yes, I was 🏃‍♀️up the mouintain before the sun was up! And I had to be quick, because I was behind some very slow driving trucks on my way from our house to the trail! So I was late as you guys that follow me knows I have a pause place, so I went as fast as I could to my pause place so I catches in the time! The thought of being to late so I could not get my 10min brake motivated me to keep on running and walking as fast as I could up the mouintain!

When I was down with the train I headed home! Bacause we got a visitor! Francois says it makes no sense that i run up to Leysin and then eat croissants, Mc Donald’s and Starbucks. But com on, I’m thin okey! I am 33 years old, haha! Surely he did not mean that I must loose wight but I get his point!

Followed by some tanning look how nice I have arranged for myself! Perfect conditions When I was fried enough I went down to the stables! My outfit! 

Armani tshirt, Hermes belt, JEM ONE SEEM pants Started with Jill! Have her a good long grooming session and fixed her hoofs on the inside and outside to perfection! And then the daily handwalking When you think you and your horse are posing perfect 😂

Next was Duc! He and me had a different kind of interval training today, instead of running fast like we usually do, we went loooong and slow! Then walk, then looong slow again.  Repeat repeat

Eating on the way home! Me and him are so best budds! I talk to him and he answers by giving me different looks 😂hahaha, when I was worried he was not fit enough for the Grand Prix in SanRemo I told him that, and he just looked at me with his ears out to the side, like”then why do we have to do it?” We agreed on trying and retire if we had poles! 
Next one was 😍😍😍PICSOU😍😍😍 was so excited to finally ride him so I even put my nice “flat work at the show bandages” on him! I leaded him 30 min first just to be sure he was warm before I got up nice to be on him, a bit round around the belly but other then that great! He felt a bit stif in the right shoulder, not lame, but I think he needs a check by the equi therapist! Picsou with ice after riding 

Moved on to Alf’i! We had haaaard speed intervals! He loves that! He’s my fastest horse 😂

My phone went out after, I blame it on Facebook call, it eats battery!! So I have no photos of Calla and me today! Calla went for a quite ride in the forest! Ice Tea had dressage and got to run loose in the big paddock! So they were happy! 

8 thoughts on “Before the sun is up ”

  1. You’re always so busy Eva.
    Think it’s helping if your day is filled. Now you lost a very true friend. It’s like you say: Svend would liked it this way. Keep going!😘

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  2. Du har jättefin och som det verkar en välmående kropp! Så no worries😄 ..men förstår att det är mer på skämt eller i hälsans syfte då:)

    Liked by 1 person

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