Saturday and the pollen in aggressive 

Hi guys! Normally I don’t spread negativ energy on the blog, but my allergies is making me sooo tired. My nose and troth is a bit closed and I have not been out running or exercising this morning. 

Me and Francois went right after breakfast to pick up poor Jill at the clinic! At least she was happy to come home!  And I parked the trailer easy alone today! So wired with backing a trailer! Since you have to turn the startingwheel the opposite way of where you want to go.. But today it went good 

Needed my asthma medication, for the first time in one year I think 

Started with the Ice Machine, and here’s my outfit! Armani t shirt, Hermes belt, cavalleria toscana, parlanti passion

Meet our western team on our way out for interval training! Chloe and Dix! 

Hard interval training for Ice Tea today! He was a good boy but became very tired 

Then Calla! Dressage today! She was a bit fresh from her day off yesterday! So had to let her “run around a little” meaning, I just rode forward without asking for something special! When she was more relaxed and ready to talked well worked on her being stright! The quality of the right canter must be improved, so the pushing and carrying her self with left himdleg must be better! In right canter the movement starts with the left hindleg, all wight on the left hindleg, then it moved over to left frontleg and right hindleg together at the same time, movement finishes with all wight on the right frontleg. So the canter is in 3 phases. 

Anneli walked Picsou, took Alf and Duc for grass eating. Went home and eat one Ben n Jerry’s and one Hagendaz ice cream. So allergic my troth is itching, so the ice cream helps cool it down! 

In the evening we went to the Montreux Jazz Festival 😍💃🕺

My outfit: Alexander McQueen skirt, Chanel shoes, bracelet and bag, top ? Gucci belt! Do you see how mine and Francois outfit are matching? 😉😘Holy Cow, and Montreux Jazz and Blues burger today! Fast food with a view Me and Anneli happy after our meal looked around the stands, got ice cream, Vanilla and Pistage for me, and another bracelet New Francois bracelet My first one 😍Drinks at 

4 thoughts on “Saturday and the pollen in aggressive ”

  1. After reading those horrible stories about Francois life before it’s wonderful to see these pictures, he looks really happy now! 😍
    Love is the best cure for anything❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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