No jumping today! 

Sundays we normally always jump! But today the weather is good but suddenly out of nowhere heavy wind came! We did not want to risk the jumps blowing down so we passed the jumping! 

Me and Calla dressed for jumping but got a dressage lesson instead! Thank you Francois❤️

My outfit: Versarce top and bracelet, Chanel belt, Cavalleria Toscana pants, Parlanti Passion and Kep ITALIA FRANCOIS❤️ BRACELET 😍

Course was ready to be jumped! Hopefully I can do it tomorrow After Calla it was dressage time for Ice Tea! He was really good today and soft in the hand! Traind to make him use the hindleg, bend the left hindleg more than before in right canter to get a better push, that will later lead to even more power in the jumps! 

Next one was Alf! Gave him a carrot when we got in the arena, he was thinking a long time if he should eat it🤔🥕 

Tessa and Flesh 

Alf’i was really good today despite the wind! He was soft and easy to make “long” 

Before I took Picsou for a walk and grooming I put Ice Tea one more time out in the paddock! Suddenly it came a big sun and rain! Haha! When he saw me after Picsou walk he was making the horse noice so I come quick to bring him in 

I always walk Picsou with the chain, to be sure I can remain control if something happens 

Duc time! Duc and me went out in the forest and did some light interval training, although I think it was light Duc got really sweaty details of the top is just so nice! And I’m not even a Vercarse girl! And the belt! B L I N G ⭐⭐Jill time 

finished off by giving Ice Tea a forest ride! Short gallop uphill! He was good! Gym and Dinner at home with Francois❤️ in the evening 

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