Saturday pool and course building

My day started with some exercising And riding Alf’i on a calm trail ride with loads of slow relaxed gallop Calla had exactly the same! Except for her being excited to be out so I had to do my best to keep her calm! Here’s my outfit: Guess tank top, Hermes belt, cavalleria Toscana pants, Kep ITALIA parlanti passionCali the Giraffe Jumper ears forward bracelet goals  Duc had dressage today! Light work, since he was so tired after yesterday’s full speed hi intensity intervals! He was not stiff at all today, soft and listening to meDuc getting Apples after work and Anneli holding Ice Tea so we can change the horses quick Ice Tea also had dressage today! – he was totally excited and wanted to raze around as if we was on the filed! was suppose to be a light short workout, but took more time to calm him down and relax him. Getting him to work proper Anneli took Picsou and Jill! When all was done we went to the pool! 

Outfit from Celvin Klein Switzerland had a healthy lunch!pool fashion! Hermes sandals, and Calvin Klein 

4 thoughts on “Saturday pool and course building”

    1. Yes they are way to thin according to me! I have bought my own haylige, the green grass one, and extra protein Musli, I give muscle force from Cavalor, AlfAlfa Lucerne. Off course I have taken blood test and worm test!


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