Monday and hostpital appointment 

Got up and went for my run/walk in the mouintain in the morning! Me on the train down to the car got some ice cream after and headed home to do my preparation for my hostpital exam! I am so grateful for having Francois that is a mature grown up gentle man and could help me with the preparation that was GROSE!!! Could not have done it without him!! 

Apart from that the exam was very embarrassing and uncomfortable I was a good girl to go trough with it, now we have to hope for good results! 

I was rewarded with BURRITO BROTHER after!! My outfit 

Versace dress and bracelet, Fendi bag, Chanel slippers  butriotis wirh my darling ❤️😍the exam made it in a way so it was not good for me to ride today.

So after eating we went to give some extra food we have bought for the horses , say hi to Anneli and after went home! That’s that for today! 

I’m putting some horse pictures from San Remo here so it’s a little horse here today at least! 

2 thoughts on “Monday and hostpital appointment ”

  1. That does not sound like a fun experience at all! 😦 Hope your doing ok and that you can get back up on the horses quick!✊🏼

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