Hot tips for hot summer shows 

I don’t have anything exciting to write on the blog today, it’s a show in Crans Montana, a mouintain not far from where me and Francois live! I’m not riding there because the ring is quite smal, and it’s a hight difference in the ring, so it’s a bit up hill and down hill! Duc does not like that so much, I guess I could have jumped Ice, Alf I feel is better on a bigger ring so he can use his great gallop! Calla is not ready for it, and Picsou is still resting! And Jill, yeah, she has not been ridden on such a long time now! 

I post this YouTube video of José so you can see the ring! Francois wanted to go and watch but then he changed his mind and we’re doing Cinema in the evening instead 

But what this post is really about is: Don’t know if I already said it!

But a hot tips for summer shows is to put a little of salt in the horses feed! Or electrolytes if you have!

Have two water buckets in the box, and put the hay under the water!

It allows the horse to dip the hay, many horses love it and drink even more that way!

Some shows have water cups/ automatic water in the boxes, I would recommend to check them, that they have enough water pressure so the horses get enough water when he goes there to drink! If the water is to “slow” many horses don’t drink enough!

Even if there is automatic water in the show boxes I always hang a bucket just in case!

My tip to you 💖

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