Duc form Oliva

Hi Guys!

Me and Duc wanted to share this videos with you, it is his rounds from the show in Oliva! 

 I also since you have requested it are going to do a presentation of all the horses! But I would like to know what you really want to know about them, is it enough with a picture ; this is Duc he is 14? Or more about the background of the horse and stuff?

TELL ME🙋🐴💖 I have no clue what to write because you are with me everyday and know the horses quite well!! TELL MEEEEE 😍🙋🐴

Duc is just so super 

We have been best friends many years now 

He loves going to the shows, and he is always happy! That was just some short facts! What more do you want to know

here are the films 

Silver Grand Prix

6 thoughts on “Duc form Oliva”

  1. Can you do like a post of some of your best grooms over time? Mabye some funny storys while in the stable/riding? And some storys with the grooms outside the stable? Pictures and like a tribute to them?

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