Sunday, are you jealus? Or are you inspired 

I’m a little bored with writing what I do every day, it’s the same same same! I jump on Sunday’s, I go on date with Francois on Saturday, I do my cardio, I take pictures of like everyting. And I LOVE my life! But feel like taking up some topics that is on my mind! I got this message on insta a time a go! And I wanted to share with you my thoughts about this stuff! Don’t worry, I’m going to go back to my everyday post, probably tomorrow 😉
Many times when you see people that have EVERYTING other people that feel like they don’t have everything they want feel the need to criticize them.

When I was growing up moved from home and went to school in Sweden, I was surrounded by girls and boys that had MUCH better horses than me, and much nicer things, Horsetrucks  and cars. 

Even though me and my father borrowd as much as the budget allowed us, and bought the best possible horse it was not half as good as many others! But I was never jealous of those girls! I loved to watch them and be inspired by them! 

We even bought a really good saddle for this horse! Me and my father was looking at Stockholm horseshoe in Globen, and he saw a Luc Childeric saddle, he said, the new superstar horse is going to have a really good saddle! So I got it😍 I was so so proud! 

One girl who was at my school in Sweden to train from, she was also from  Norway, – she had with her 3 horses and one groom! Nothing els to do in the day but riding the 3 horses! This girl is a beautiful girl and incredible kind! She’s smart!  She had a lot of international rutine, she rode very goood, she has really good taste in fashion and I got really inspired by her! Thank you T💖

Even though I had the stable working every 3 weekend and was mucking out like 30 boxes a day, walking with horses to the paddock and feeding, I was always excited for her to come back on Monday and tell us how the show was! And I dreamed about that I would be so good that I also could do it one day! 

Being good and talented is not always enough, when I worked for a Olympic rider in Norway I was set to ride the horses if the rich girls the days they did not have time to come! I was really good in dressage and got loads of compliments for it! I was actually Champion of the North of Norway 3 years in a row as young rider! I was happy when the girls came back and gave me feed back on my job! I was never angry that they could sleep all day and go shopping and stuff and I was set to ride their horse! I was proud about it! Even though you are good and work hard does not mean that you will be so lucky to jump the big classes! You also have to be a good person and give something back, so that people feel that they get some profit in return for giving you a chance! Before I got my job at Alfarvad they gave me a horse to ride that had started to stop, when I got him he had done 120 with a stop and two down on his last show. I rode him clear in 145 and after this I got a job offer from them! 

I showed the owner that I had solutions, that I did not give up and that I could sell a lot of horses from her! So i was valuable for her business! Remember that if you apply for a job, make sure you first of all state what you can do for your boss, before yo write what you want for yourself! 

I look up to a lot of persons, and many people inspire me! Here is some of them:

❤️FRANCOIS❤️ my hero! Who has lost everyting and bulid him self up again 100 times with out any support from his family! Who survived so many difficult things, normal business man sadly we read in the news papers regularly kill themself over just one of the atleast 5 extreamly hard things he has gone trough alone! Baby, you will never be alone again! I will be with you for ever! He’s a man that has so much knowledge about so many things! So intelligent, love to learn from you 

Meridith Michaels Beerbaum! She’s tiny and can ride all types of horses! She always smile, she’s in a great physical shape 

Rolf Göran Bengtsson, he’s hard working, build himself up, and atchived amazing results on all point of his life! Not only is he a championship winner, but a amazing dad and husband!

Luciana Diniz – love the positive attitude, she also believes in the law of attraction, she rides great and seems to be a wonderful person! Shows great connection with all her horses 

Edwina Tops! She’s a true fighter who has proved to everybody that farytails do come true! She won a lot, is a great horse woman and such a competitive rider! She also has great style, was called AND SHE IS INDEED THE GUCCI GILR” when she was sponsored by them! She has great style and I am sure she will be a amazing mother 

Peder and his wife Lisen! Lisen is a top rider who has given the family 3 beautiful boys, she’s the working supermom, has amazing style, is very smart and can do eveything I believe! 

Her husband Peder has collected medals in Olympic Games in show jumping, and also ridden the Olympics in Eventing! He is a true horseman, a artist, a great husband and dad

My trainer Sylve Søderstrand! Not only cause he’s a great rider, a TOP NOCH coach who has won so many medals but also he is a incredible strong man who I admire because of his strength to walk with his head high and stay positive when it’s a shit storm around him! 

Alexis Ren! I follow her on insta and are amazed by her body workouts, her pictures and her fashion

Nellie Berntssn, a 16 year old Kid from Sweden that has he bravery of a lion and supports her own carrier with her socialmedia works! She’s a talented rider who had to live with a lot of shit from the grown up word, but still remains a positive fighter who loves horses and are kind with the people she meets! 

Jessica Springsteen! She’s a great rider and I get inspired by her insta where she shows her love for animals, boyfriend, her top riding and her fashion! 

My best fiend Trine! Who is kind and forgiving toward everybody! Who can see clearly in every situation, and never says a bad word about anybody! She also a very very good rider who I hope soon will be back in completions and have a lot of amazing horses, that she breads herself ⭐

One more of my BFF, Hannah Åkerblom, who can ride any horse! Who makes a nervous horse a brave horse! She gets the horses to listen to her light riding and be happy! Shes a fantastic friend 💖

Carl Lagerfeld! Such a GREAT designer and FASHION IKON! Being a designer myself I truly understand all the work, effort and hours he puts in to create TOP quality and functional clothes, handbags and accessories we can be lucky to buy! I really want it have his creation, when I get something new from Chanel I study how he has put every seem, why it’s just like that and her inspired by creating my own quality products for all of us to wear! 

Allesandro Michele, the new designer of Gucci! Who dears to go his own way, that mixes patherns and colors that I thought would be a ugly combination! Who has his style and his vision and opened the eyes of the world for something different and unique that! When he first came to Gucci with all this I extreamly unliked it! I wanted ONLY the clean cuts in the classic shapes and colors! The Gucci bit and more neutral creations. But now I love and admire him! He’s the inspiration of JEM ONE SEEM with Pink! I study how he sews his products and how he mixes the different colors and work with different garments in one product! He really brought back the Gucci red and green web and mix it with everyting ⭐

Classic Gucci (Tom Ford I think)

Gucci by Allesandro Michele 

I do wish for the a little more extram pices like this one

Johanna Walter, a bffriend who I admire for her fashion, exciting jet set life and her ability in finding top horses

Josefin G Ros! A incredible girl who has survived a lot and still remains a great girl! She runs the successful Espayo equestrian with her boyfriend 

John Hickey, one of the best riders in the world! Who I PRAY will recieve a horse that does him justice! One of the greatest persons I know, my BEST FRIEND, a fantastic husband for Cassandra and a super dad for this boy and two girls 

Anneli Taraldsen, that I have known my whole upbringing! She’s a loving example that you can do whatever you want, and be who you are even if some “people put you in a box” she’s a very loyal BFF, and CRAZY BRAVE!! She travels the world alone! Now she’s taking care of the horses with PERFECTION  

Janne LinDANGER 😉 I meet her at first when she was only 15 years old! She went with me to Arezzo with 5 horses, party all night and took care of the horses like a OLD PRO GROOM without making a single mistake! She’s a GREAT girl, and a TOP BFF

16 thoughts on “Sunday, are you jealus? Or are you inspired ”

  1. Synes innlegget var kjempefint, og inspirerende! Det er bare en ting jeg lurer på, siden du sier at Carl Lagerfeld er et av dine ikoner. Du er jo en dyrevenn, så da synes jeg det var litt underlig å fremme han som en inspirasjon og ikon med tanke på hans stilling til pelsindustrien. Han har jo uttalt seg med at det er hans favoritt-stoff i klær. Les http://www.minmote.no/#!/artikkel/23484871/kommentar-en-trist-oppvisning-av-lagerfeld

    Men som sagt likte skikkelig godt innlegget ellers! Super inspirerende og variasjon på bloggen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Håller med! Sjukt roligt med lite tabkar emellanåt!

      And i pursue in english; to make everyone who read it understand
      That was cleary a perception of you that is not the person you seem to be
      i believe the opposite, that you are whatever ppl may think, but you seem definitely not fake.
      and avove all, the horses are your friends and that we can easily understand. (i say that as a former rider myself).
      and you fight AS hell for being the pro rider you are today, and yeah maybe you have money to buy some kind of clothes (now) but you are an amazing kind hearted person and for sure you dont had all this from your birth and you came long with the TALENT.

      What a mean comment also about your supposed results on show, WOW please b****, how can ppl be so negative and mean.. i dont get it.
      go and get a life….

      Okay sorry for an huge comment , i agree , luciana diniz is wonderful a true example and she rides so good!. I saw her this weekend Irl btw at a show last time and i appreciate see her (among others) really on a class

      Hace an awesome day and dont take these comments too seriously , them who are a little bit clever see that you are not *fake or *animal abusive for example. Is she/he even serious? Haha

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh lord. Sorry for my comment that i wrote fast and so not in correct english…bc i was uppset about the mean message you got,, and i am in a rush,
        but hope you understood what i wrote anyways. 😀
        Keep it up with your blog and also these kind of posts , roligt med såna inlägg!
        Ha deet :)))

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Hei! Jeg unnviker selv pels, va Carl designer for Chanel er jo nesten bare tøy og ikke noe pels, har ikke sett noe pels i butikken i Geneva i hvertfall! 😅
      Selv om han liker pels er jeg fortsatt inspirert av hans tidløse design!
      Tusen takk for en kjempe bra kommentar 💖


  2. Well Eva, it’s very sad people write those things. That’s the influence of social media.
    I think if that person standing in front of you, she or he don’t have the guts to look in your eyes!!
    I’m following you because you give me inspiration.
    I also love Gucci, Guess, and all the expensive horse clothes and stuff.
    But must I be jalous at you??? Not a single thought in my head would even dear to think that.
    I can’t buy me everything what I want but I work hard, my horse and dog have everything. My daughter can play tennis, goes to a good school! And there’s 1 important thing: I’m happy 😉
    People who say or write things like that are not happy!!!
    And I know if I would do a citytrip to Swiss, we will do a Starbucks. You in Gucci, me in Zara clothes. Who cares?? Your heart is what counts for frienship! 😘😘😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly .i have also had periods in life (im 30) where i worked more so i could buy great stuff and not really be looking “at the price” or whatever, and some times where i have less like now- studying right now- but in Any case i’m not jealous of others (why be that?) and as you write it wouldn’t even cross my mind neither.
      the main thing in life is to be happy or strive to be that, (and be kind w/ ppl around – you come so far by that attitude instead of “bit**ing” around.) sometimes it’s maybe not the best “ever” like me right now, but i dont care my health is good, i keep going and do things . Taking up studies is an example.
      with that said, have a good evening everyone!

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