Tuesday and THE NATIONAL DAY OF 🇨🇭

Was up laaate last night with Francois❤️ working on the pants! We went to bed at 02.00 in the morning! So I had decided that I was not going to do my cardio mouintain today! And it’s the SUISSE NATIONAL DAY TODAY 🇨🇭🇨🇭🇨🇭

I can only order riding pants in the beggining, jackets, rugs and shirt have to wait! 

We have created a new fabric, the same as Cavalleria Toscana but antibacterial. It is really expensive and I have to take a huge quantity just to be able to order it at all! And I want to stay in a good price also!

So pants are soon on their way, the rest will have to wait until I have sold some! If you imagine what the maximum you think i would spend on this, and then make that more than double! I did not save on anything, best of the best! Even the best tread to sew the pants with! So we hopefully will avoid the opening of the seems here and there!

I will want you guys when you see me smile and tell me you LOVE the pants! Would be a AMAZING FEELING 😍

After waking up we had breakfast and then I went to the stables! 

I rode Alf’i first! Trail riding today!

My outfit : Gucci long sleeve tshirt  and belt, cavalleria Toscana pants, parlanti passion boots and KEP ITALIA helmet face time with me and Alf 

Alf was actually a little tired today, the parts where he normally gets hot and want to take full speed, he was completely calm! Very good anyway! Since I do a lot of tempo training in the forest it’s important to ride out calm and relaxed, even on the places where we normally go full speed! 

Next one was Calla! Dressage on the program today! I told her that she could be a little free in the big paddock before riding, if she needed to blow of some steam after her day of yesterday! But she was totally calm and Just stand still, so I just got on instead! She was perfect to ride! I am now working on making her more compact. Going with shorter strides and higher speed. But today we let that be. She was allowed to be long and relaxed! It’s important not to over do things a horse can think is difficult, hard on the muscles and get a bit stressed over learning. It’s EXTREAMLY IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE TRAINING POSITIVE! And today she got a totally positive day with no demands that was difficult for her to do! 

Ice Tea is the horse with the most energy for the moment and when he got the opportunity to be loose in the big paddock he took it! Happy horse 

Got to go for a walk and eat grass after said hello to his friend Rubens on his way home 

Duc time! Duc also had trail riding, he had some more energy than Alf’i and got to run a little cause he was still very relaxed and calm! On our way home we meet Andre and his wife! They work at the stables and Anneli and Ice Tea, they were on their way out to wait for me and Duc! Me and DucSo I got Ice Tea for some dressage and Anneli took Duc with her back to the stables, washed him, dried, baby powder him, and iced him! 

Ice Tea was super and relaxed! Really soft in both sides! Really good boy 

Me and ❤️Francois went to eat in the evening! 

My outfit 

Really good time with the 😍PERFECT MAN😍Very good food alsohow about this week to be extra attentive to the people you love? Pay attention to them and tell them what you love about them! Say thank you, hug each other and smile when you see each other! Remember sometimes it’s better to be kind then to be right! What’s more important? Harmony or proving a point? It’s up to you😉

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