Wednesday and some thoughts 

You are good enough and so am I!
I have been thinking lately about allowing! 

Everybody should be allowed to be who they are! And do what they want as long as they are not intentionally harming other people!

When I am at the shows and sit at the stands to watch a class, I often hear other girls talking bad about other riders! 

If the rider is haveing a really good round they can often say that the rider is riding bad but the horse is really good! 

If a rider has problem they often say that the rider do this and this bad and that the rider destroy the horses. A lot of focus on the negative. 

Sadly what these girls do not understand that the more they focus on the “faults” of others, the more likely they are to repeat the same “fault” themselfs!

When I watch people ride that have a really good horse I admire the way the rider rides the horse, how the horse jumps and try only to focus on the positive!

I do the same when a rider has difficulties, I try to see the positive! Bacause there is always something positive to see! 

If I have a bad round Francois most of the time want to help me and boost my confidence! Because if you don’t have confidence in yourself how will the horse have confidence in you? So say I have 4 down, Francois would say to me, you rode 1,2 , 5 and  6 very good! Next time try to repeat that very good riding on all the jumps! So instead of putting focus on what I did wrong, he puts my focus on how I should ride! And in that way I have a much bigger chance to succeed the next class! 

If I tell you like this, don’t think of Madonna, don’t think of her songs or what she looks like. And then I start to sing one of her songs. 

What do you think about?

It’s the same as if your trainer says don’t pull don’t pull don’t pull, DONT PULL THE HORSE! 

The first thing you will do in a stressd situation is starting to pull the horses mouth! Because that is where the focus is, on pulling!

If your trainer says keep the rhythm in the turn and feel the contact of the horse taking you to the jump!

Gallop the turn forward, feel the contact equal on both rains and let the horse take you to the jump! Ride positive with the horse!

Like this your focus in on what you should do to succeed, not on what you should not do to awoid failing! 

Do you understand the difference? 

6 thoughts on “Wednesday and some thoughts ”

  1. YES!☺
    More positivity in this world, and i agree personnally i am tending to be worse If someone is /or had tell me something bad. Im very sensitive to negativity in general, negative vibes from others.. ofc i try to avoid the negative ppl in general, but i mean in the learning process i totally agree here..
    on the contrary positivity makes me doing great! Positivity leads to positive things , i believe. Simple as that
    Anyways, good post there! Thx!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Helt rätt Eva, fokus på det positiva.
    Man kan aldrig nå sina framgångar om man inte kan se sina egna begränsningar och framgång hos andra. Plocka ur det bästa hos andra och copy that👍

    Liked by 1 person

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