Christian L O U B O U I T I N 👠

Yes! I have been two year on waiting list together with the stars like Nicole Kidman (sure they don’t have to wait so long though) anyway two years on waiting list to get my own CUSTOM MADE CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN SHOES👠😍 

I had my first meeting in Paris with them in January! And this is my first fitting!!! 😍😍😍

My outfit that I chose is the CHANEL all the wayNow I am in the taxi from the airport to 31 RUE CHAMBON, all fashion lovers knows that that is the FLAGSHIP STORE OF 💎CHANEL🎀 excited!! 

So I will let some time pass by there while I am waiting for my appointment at Louboutin! 

The taxi I am in is so fresh! A Lexus, even got wifiIll keep writing on this post later today 


The new ready to wear collection was stunning! But I feel the long sleeve tshirt I already have is nicer than the new Gabriel Chanel one! The Chanel clothes are amazing, and I am very proud and grateful for the once I have. 

I had a SA today that was a intern, so sweet! And we manage to get me some items that I really really wanted! Should I post picture of it?

The Chanel staff was really digging my Chanel CoCo Cuba outfit and invited me to check out the famous stairs of CoCo Chanel! Even got some pictures 😉Here you can see my outfit from the back, cool with the neon orange on the back of the skirt 

After that it was time for my Louboutin appointment, I actually know the way from the two shops now, about 1.5 km to walk! On the way I also checked out but did not find anything there today!

Finally LOUBOUTIN I’m not allowed to take any pictures inside the atelier, since the shoes of the movie starts, gouverment officials and royalty are being made there! My shoes was fitting me good and looked amazing! Next fitting will be after their summer holiday and maybe they are ready after that! Was just a few changes that needed to be made! EXCITED😍👠🎀🙋

Got some directions to the subway and was on my way! The subway was not as clean as in Hong Kong (almost the only subways I have taken) it was a lot less crowded so as you can see we even had space to sit down! Minus was that when you came out of the train it smelled like piss and was a bit dark 

I went to Dior and got a president for Francois❤️

Had to visit Gucci also! Gucci has become CRAZY POPULAR! Had to stand in a line to get inMy pink bag, still sold out! PROUD! Another Dior shop on my way to Zilli

Arrivival Zilli, its the most exclusive mans brand you can imagine! The tings they have are beyond amazing! Francois has LOADS from there and are getting more today 😉 how cool it is, it’s like the double cool of the finest Armani!   

I am a very happy owner of a Winter jacket from them! I just have to tell you this wired, I borrowed the toilet at the shop and it was a toilet that cleans the user with warm water instead of paper! The toilet was also warm to sit on! 😂

The people at the shop took me to a coffe place and I got some snacks to take with me in the taxi to the airport, since I was hungry and the taxi takes one hour! 

Well at the airport I checed out Starbucks, this was the only thing they had different from SwitzerlandThe results of today’s shopping 

Already looking forward to come home and hug my love ❤️Francois

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