Saturday and back with the chestnuts 

Sleept way to long, and staid in all morning and a while in to the afternoon with Francois❤️ 

New samples on my riding pants have arrived, and here I am posing with the model m: JEM in color white! This size is XS, and a little tight for me! I’m also wearing my new Chanel espadrilles, Chanel sun glasses, Vercarse tshirt  and Louis Vuitton belt

When I finally made it to the stables I stared with riding Dressage on Ice Tea 

Ice is just checking that I remember the snacks the main thing today was to get him to relax and be soft in the hand! Often I also have to work a lot to get him to stay active with the hindlegs but today he was active on his own 

Me and Ice Tea sees that Anneli is coming to change horse with me! So I get Duc and she takes Ice back to the stablesMe and Duc went for medium hard intervals, he got really sweaty So did me and Alf also, medium hard is not hard at all for Alf’i, that almost did not brake a sweat 

Anneli was clipping Ice Tea so I took care of Alf’i myself 😉Last one was Calla! We rode inside today! Partly cause it was getting dark and partly because I needed to use the mirror and check out if I am really riding her stright! 

It was good so I could work on getting her to be more active in a higher phase, but still not taking longer strides! Same meter on the strides, but faster rhythm! It went okey, need to work a lot more on it  Feelings about the fly rug? Look like this horse is going to the show tomorrow! Beautiful 🎀 with silver hair bands

I tried my pants on loads of girls in the stable today, and when I came home again I worked a lot with them! Aiming for perfection! Can you believe I have worked two years with this now! 

Ah, almost forgot to show you what I bought in Paris! 

💎🛍 C H A N E L 🎀

CHANEL broche 
CHANEL belt 
And one new pair of Chanel espadrilles, the beige once are very tired, and the yellow once I love a little to much to destroy in the stables! These once have a special “gold shiny” leather and will cope with occasionally going to the stables! 

At Dior I got these fantastic glasses from D I O R 🎀 for Francois! 

In the Gucci bag it is something for me, but I did not open it jet! Making myself wait a while so I will be even more excited by it! I think it’s good to wait and look forward to things! So even though we have paid it and it’s at home, I’m waiting a little 😍

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