Sunday jumping, pool and cardio 🏃‍♀️

Our morning started with pancakes followed by jumping! Because of me being so late yesterday we me and Anneli💖 did not build the corse, but we did it today!

So when I came to the stables we build the course! 

This is my outfit at home, that can transform into a riding outfit😉 Chanel Top, belt, earrings and Chanel shoes, JEM ONE SEEM pants in black! Transformed in to riding outfit! Me posing with DUC 💖Bringing headcolor and apples for after training 😋

I started with Duc! This is his last jumping training before next show so we did it jump so high! You can see the video on my isntagram! Of all the horses actually, one everyday! He was very good and did his best as he always do!The course today was about riding the distances 5-6and 7 strides between different jumps! And I also had the gymnastic line build in the course! 

Next one was Alf’i, he jumped really good also! He jumped some jumps on 160 last week so he had the same as Duc, this week -not high! 

The Giraffe Jumper Calla, was also a good girl! It’s not so easy to navigate her long body as the other horses! I really need to work a lot on getting her more quick and compact! She jumped very good! 

Two times the same oxee, two times good! 

The last horse of today was Ice❄️Tea🍹 ! I am riding him without pressure to the jumps and only focusing on him being relaxed and taking time to jump the jumps! He got to do the gymnastic line a little more than the other horses to make him put himself up and jump up in the air over the V poles! Really good in the end! 

It was dressage after the jumping so my 👑KING👑 Francois❤️ helped me to take away some jumps, while Anneli took GREAT care of the Ice❄️Machine🍹 


Me and Francois❤️ went to the pool! Pool outfit today, Ralph Lauren towel dress, Armani slippers, Dior So Real sunglasses
Francois eat at the pool, I had bought with me Burrito Brothers, chicken enchiladas and nachos with cheese and guacamole 

Swimming, and bikini of the day 


When we were finished at the pool I wanted to do my Cardio mouintain, half way up I just wanted to throw up the burrito thing, and had to sit down, turn around and go down. I hope for my own good that I am smart enough not to eat there again. It’s the second time eating there that I feel to full, and sick! 

4 thoughts on “Sunday jumping, pool and cardio 🏃‍♀️”

  1. Hope it went good after the throw up.
    as you say might not have been fresh enough.:/

    Easily one can feel the love between you and Francois. Nice to see !

    Where are you going for the next show? 🙂

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