Is Monday’s for boring posts? 

Well here comes another one!

Francois❤️ had meetings in Geneva all day so I went with him 

Haha, and of course we went to Patek Philippe and Starbucks! These two pics are from Patek Philippe, so beautiful in there 💎

My outfit: Gucci dress and Shoes, Burberry coat with my new Chanel belt! Chanel bag

Anneli was with Picsou and Duc at the blacksmith, so I went to the stable to check up on the rest of the horses and give them their extra protein food! 

After that I have been working on the pants, Jackets, rugs and so on from my own collection! 

As you guys know I love fashion! And I admire the big designers, how they can use seems and different material to shape the body of a woman! I am looking for the same in my colection! That when you wear my clothes you will feel comfortable, confident, relaxed and PROUD! You will know I have sped two years making this for you to be happy and feel special 💖 knowing that I’m a fashion freak and I did not leave any detail unnoticed! Everything is in that special way to make you be as GREAT as I know YOU ARE! 

Can’t wait to start! I hope you will wear a pair! I will have nice prices, sales and competitions so I hope everybody that’s wants something that I made will have the opportunity to own the pice they want! Like me with the Chanel earrings when I was little😉

A question, thinking about these glasses, if I would invest in one, who should I pick? 


Or 2

Yes! Went to the gym with MY 👑KING👑 FRANCOIS❤️

Finishing up the day with these old pics!

Me and my best friend Trine wearing pink Startider show jackets! I’m on Siam, she’s on Crowny Alfarvad Z! Crowny is one of the reasons we meet, I sold him to her

Me and Siam in Madrid

Me and Bayamo, or as we used to call him, haha JANNE you made the name, she called him BAYO, and so it started 😉me and Starlight trainig water 

Siam in her usual style jumping round as a ball😍Chaparone first time water Classica La Silla, mother of Doctor Classic! 
Her a baby, Doc, Doctor Classic, by Indoctro

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