Wednesday T R U C K’ing 

Got up at 04.15, got dressed and meet Anneli, the chestnuts and Calla in the stables!

Anneli feed the horses and make them ready! So when I arrived we just loaded! 

Alf’i has bandages on his hindlegs and Back on Track on front! My SO ZEN rug

It is really hot in Italy so I decided to take a less warm truck driving outfit today, jacket on, cause it was raining in the night 

Duc had bandages on all 4 and as Alf’i some thin bandages plates, Eskadron climatex on the hindlegs, cause Duc hate things on the hind legs and since these are thinner he hates them less the ex stallion Ice Tea has double head colors “just in case” just to be safe Ice has back on track on front and thick bandages on hind 

Declaring the horses at the border 

Comfy truck driving

Stopping to feed the horses, her diesel and some food for us!

Wearing my old Chanel espadrilles, Chanel sunglasses  Nike cotton top, and shorts from Tally Weil 

How the stables loom before everybody arrived 

Me and Ice Tea looking after Anneli so she does not slip when she takes the food basket down 

As quick as possible putting all the horses in the stables and giving them water 

Me and Anneli packed out the truck and started to get the equipment in the right spots! The I went to get the rental car! When I came back we finished up putting up the box guards and walking the horsesCalla needs two guards and a lead rope not to escape! Here she is with her Giraffes Ice Tea’s unicorns are getting a bath and will be reunited with the Ice Machine tomorrow! 

Went to the hotel, such good service! They rememberd me from last year, and sice it is late, I did not even have to wait to get my bags up to the room, the guy came straight away! And the room is great! More pictures tomorrow!

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