Thursday in San Giovanni 


Slept to 10.15 at the hotel so I missed breakfast! 

Took the rental and went to the stables!

Started with Alf’i, my outfit: Gucci tshirt, belt, bracelet, hairband

Cavalleria Toscana pants, Parlanti Passion boots 

And my ❤️Francois bracelet, yeah also a Tiffany bracelet, that Francois❤️ gave me for Christmas 

Jumping in the Grand Prix ring 
Next was Calla, she was FRESH! So I had to ride her a looooong time! But become super in the end 

Duc time, I have trained the horses very hard before the show! So when the show comes they have a more easy time! I jogged Duc around, made him loose, and did some gallop with focus on him staying together! I let him go in the walker a little bit after his workout, went down to the stables to pick up Ice Tea and Anneli came with me back and took Duc with her back to the stables!
Duc happy about being in his hotel box, and happy about his shower, since Anneli cleaned him so well💎

Last horse for me today was the Ice Machin! He has gotten a bit hot after all the interval training we have done. He is really active on his own now, and that’s great. Today with thoughts about the class at the show tomorrow I just rode him as quite as possible 

I helped Anneli with the equipment and the lunch feed for the horses while she was busy with cleaning Ice Tea! We went to the pool at the hotel and had a chicken salad! 

Bikini of the day! Form Breskha, Teznis, Dior sunglasses and Armani sandals 

We also went to get groceries, and some Ice cream in Cattolica! 

My outfit, the one I did not take to Paris, so- Hermes sandals, Hermes shirt, bracelet, and belt! Fornarina skirt and Fendi bad 

I put the groceries in the truck and Anneli took care of the horses! Walked and feed for the night! Even made it cozy in the truck for her! I have the air refresh automatic spray with Vanilla 3 different places in the truck! Smells so good 

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