Friday, first day of the show in San Giovanni🏝🐴🙋

Anneli and Calla from this morning! She starts the day with feeding, waking, changing water and mucking to the chestnut guys and Cal’i

Head a very very unhealthy hotel breakfast 

Then I jogged the approximately 2 km to the show! When I got there I change in to my riding clothes and went for morning riding Alf’i and Calla! 

Such a sweet couple I saw on the way, I can’t wait to see Francois❤️ on Sunday 😍

Me and Alf! I’m wearing my JEM ONE SEEM ridingpants, Armani t-shirt, Chanel belt, parlanti Passion boots, and KEP ITLAIA helmet!

Focus on the morning riding for Alf is to make him relax and get his nose as faaaaar out from his body as possible! Really LOOOONG DEEP NECK with nose out! He was surprisingly calm and it did not take long! 

Next was Calla! It’s the same job with her! In the morning I don’t want to put pressure on her, so no working on compacting her, and making her quick! Will do that in the warm up! Anneli already gave her a light work this morning, so she was relaxed today! Not in special need of trying to take “full speed” with me😉

The day started very good for the ICE❄️MACINE🍹 his little friends was back and he was just so HAPPY😃😃😃😍😍😍

Braided Ice, put on my show clothes and went to ride the Grand Prix qualifier! 

Had a long quiet warm up with Ice Tea, it was ideal! 

Jumped us finished on the oxer, went to walk the course and just took two verticals before we went in as start NR 2!
He was so SUPER! One down on the last in the jump off! But GREAT ROUND😍🐴🙋💖

Duc looking dashing⭐ with his polished brownand💎

Duc was in the same class! He was also so SUPER! Double clear and jumped all the jumps like this! 

We had no horses in the 135, and that gave me and Anneli time to take a protein bar and feed the horses! 

I put this Burberry tshirt on for a while! My show shirt was sweat and better that this one gets dirty instead of the show shirt! Really nice for my body to get the cotton on!

Anneli brought Alf’i up to the arena while I was walking the course for the 130

Alf’i jumped a super clear round in the 130!

Right after was Calla in 125, had also a very good round with one down! She was relaxed and listen to me the whole course! 

Beautiful KEP ITALIA helmets for sale at the show 

After entering for tomorrow and helping out a little in the stables, I went to the hotel! Sat a long time on outside on the balcony of my room and listen to a wedding down by the pool! BEAUTIFUL! 

In the evening me and Anneli went to Cattolica for Ice Cream

My outfit: Chanel skirt, Gucci bag, Dior top, Chanel sandals that moment before you are gonna strike a pose 😂😂😂
Cattolica by night 

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