Back to my day! Started with like 5 different croissants for breakfast, Nutella, honey, Cream, Cheese and butter 😂 then I run over to the stables! Make sence 🏃‍♀️

Pass by this ice cream shop on my way to the show🍦

Me, Anneli and the horses had tight schedule at the show today, so morning riding Calla in my show clothes! Did not use my show jacket today because i wanted to show if my JEM LACE SHIRT and my cool Chanel belt with the stars! Wearing my JEM pants!

Morning riding with Cal was the same as yesterday! Just tried to make her relaxed! And she was really good and calm 

After morning riding Calla we tacked up Alf’i for the Grand Prix qualifier and went up to warm up! I was NR 2! He had a great round with one down (my fault) but jumped great! 

Duc was in the same class so when I was finished with Alf we had to tack quick on Duc, Anneli went to shower and put ice on Alf’i, while me and Duc went up to the warm up

I said it already! Duc was clear and placed as NR 7! What a fighter he is 😍

We had Ice Tea and Calla in the 135 that started right after the GP qualifier! So me and Anneli had to be quick, our horses gets ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ treatment after every riding session, so it’s not just to shower and put it in the box, they get the legs dried, baby powder, ice, the whole pack! So we had to work quick together to make the time schedule! Anneli took care of he most, I helped tack off the horse I had just ridden and tack on the next, even had time to sit down two sek and eat a protein bar! Anneli had no time, she was working like a torpedo!

So Ice❄️Tea🍹 was CLEAR in the 135 jump off class! Or we had one time fault! But he was AWESOME  

Finished the course and giving Ice LOADS of cuddles 

Check out the air Calla gave in the 135

Because of the speed competing we were finished a bit earlier, so we feed the horses! 

And went to the cafeteria to get something to eat ourself also

We also had time for hanging out at the pool! Pool dress that Francois❤️ bought for me at the MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL 

Posing with my Coco Cuba Chanel bag, bikini, bracelet, earrings and bikini! LOVE THE COLLORS! would love to have yellow ridingpants! 

we also went a quicky to town to get some Ice Cream 

Back to the stables! Anneli mucks out, fills water, evening walk and feed💖 THANK YOU ANNELI! 

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