Sunday and GRAND PRIX DAY 

Started the day with a quick breakfast at the hotel, followed by jogging to the show! 

Calla was first, we had to warm up in the little tent and jump in the smaller ring! She is actually maybe sold now 

The sun came out after and I had a short brake before the Ford Grand Prix that I was going to ride both Alf’i and Ice Tea in!

Alf was start NR 2 and we had a good round with one down! He jumped great! I just need to learn to know him a little better! But he was super 

Ice Tea had start NR 32 so me and Anneli had to be effective to get Ice ready and she had to take care of Alf before she could come up to the warm up and help me with Ice! 

Work in progress 

Ice Tea and me had one of our BEST rounds! Two down was the result! But really good! I put the film on Instagram so you can see!

After jumping Ice Tea gets first class treatment from Anneli 

Duc had a day of from the show today! So me and him rode dressage! Here I am posing in my JEM riding pants 

Duc was nice and relaxed today! I worked a lot on him being light I the hand on the snaffle! And he was good! 

We feed the horses

And went to realax a little by the pool before I went home to my 👑KING ❤️Francois

Outfit pre swim

Outfit swim 

The pool is really good! And good food 

My pink sunglasses 😂😎

So after a long hours I jumped in the car and drove home to Suisse 🇨🇭 and my love❤️ sooo good to be back in his arms 😍And Francois was happy and proud about me and he horses this week! 

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