Wednesday and training in San Giovanni☀️

Started my morning with breakfast at the hotel and a run to the stables 

First for me today was Calla! We did some training jumping at the clear round today! Although the rounds was not bad last week I feel like we are not communicating good. Last show she was on she was ridden by skin and we ride very different ! So i am trying to get her to wait for me, but at the same time stay in front of the leg! Here are two rounds with skin and Calla

And two rounds with me and Calla!

In this 135, callas first 135 I felt she was “over jumping ” a little and that the communication was not working down to the double! You can see when I try to collect her she falls a part a little. 
Here are some pictures from today

Next was Duc! And here you see my outfit! Hermes shirt, belt and bracelet, parlanti passion boots and Kep ITALIA helmet 

Duc got my favorite climatex bandages onwith Duc today I rode him first long and loose, followed by some collected Trott and canter, then a little light jog and canter with head up on long reins, before I made him long and low again! He was super today! 

Then Ice❄️Tea🍹 he had basically the same job as Duc! But needed 1000 transitions cause he kept putting up the speed by himslelf! I was like when I say this phase please stay in the phase before I say something different, he pretended not to hear me and was like one, two , GOOOOOO! But was good in the end of the training 😉

Me and Alf’i rode dressage in the clear round ring! He was not tired today I can tell you! He had not been there before and had enough energy to try some tricks on me! When he was finished with that, he was REALLY PERFECT! 

So hot today, so after riding it was pool time! Today I have my Louis Vuitton bikini, bag and bracelet on! Dior glasses 

So good to chill like this! 

When I was enough fried I helped with taking Ice Tea to the vet check, and Mickey out a little! So me and Anneli can go to town together! She has 10000% control over EVERYTING, and does not need my help at all! But it’s nice to sometimes give a hand! 
We have a cooler bag with water and Pepsi in the stables me and Ice Tea and his team of unicorns! He just got the two new once, they are on the left in he picture!  Anyway, check out my stable outfit, CoCo Cuba Chanel long sleeve t-shirt, Chanel belt, espadrilles, earrings and sunglasses, bag alarmist same outfit in town, posing with my ice cream from 🍦GELATO MANIA🍦 I just put my Chanel sandals and a different Chanel bag, and wooopi, totally more classy outfit! 

Got this one on the marked! So cute! Check out the Francois❤️ bracelet! 
Other once at the marked! But thought they was a little to bigb but the Starbucks is amazing 

1 thought on “Wednesday and training in San Giovanni☀️”

  1. Hi eva, I love all of your social media channels it’s always fun and enjoyable to watch your days with your horsies and Francois.

    Your give away is adorable, are you really sure. It’s such a cool thing!!!
    How is the weather in San Giovanni? We are thinking for traveling and competing there in spring next year. Could you recommend me a hotel that is nearby?!
    Good luck for the following competitions and maybe we will meet once again on a show. Would be glad.
    Oh my insta name is: vanessastubenvoll

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