Friday, LR class in the morning

I had a quick breakfast and jogged to the show! Walked the course for the CSI*** Grand Prix qualifier that also is the ranking class of today! I jumped Ice Tea, his first 3 star big class!!

The 140 started right after and I was NR 06 with Alf’i and NR 29 with Duc. Two down with Alf’i! 


Was so stressful to get Duc ready, cause the two has the same saddle! When Anneli was taking care of Alf I went to the warm up with Duc! The time was so short so she had no chance making it up to the warm up to help me and Duc with the jumps, so I jumped two verticals on 1 m and one oxer on 120 before it was my turn. Duc is such a great horse so we had a good round with one down although the warm up was not ideal! CHECK OUT THE TEMPERATURE! This is me just finished riding! Me and Anneli went to eat in the cafeteria and we took care of the horses together, so I had changed my shirt, and my boots of 
Here are one of the shops at the show! Took some pictures since I know you guys like equipment! Should I do a post of the whole area?

Sice the classes stared so early today we went to the pool after feeding lunch to the horses! 

Bikini from Teznis 

When we were fried enough we went to get GELATO🍦

Same flavors every day! The cone filled with whipped cream, then snickers, then banana, then amrena, then whipped cream and strawberry saus! What snap chat says 

What the car says 

After Gelato we went back to the stables! I waked Duc and Alf, and Anneli did everyting else! Water, mucking, brix, feeding, waking Calla and Ice Tea! I gave this jacket to the nabours lovely daughter! And I’m not afraid to get dirty on my clothes! HORSES FIRST😍🐴 I just took of my sandals and put on the espadrilles

Me and Alf went up to the big ring to eat some apples! Positive reenforcement 

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