Saturday morning

Had breakfast by the pool today! 

And then I jogged over to the stables! 

My class does not start before 18.00 tonight so I was just going to ride Duc and watch Calla jump with Licio!

Me and Duc did some light dressage and he was a very good boy! 

Calla had a good round with Licio with one down! 

Now we have feed the horses! Annali had walked Ice Tea and Alf since they are jumping tonight!

I jogged back to the hotel, got the care and went to pick up Anneli in the stables  So we are relaxing by the pool! The bikini is from a little bikini shop in SanRemoThe sunglasses are matching the bikini

Lunch by the pool 

So sice I have nothing more to write for the moment I thought I give you a tour of the show facility here! 

The whole place HORSE RIVIERA RESORTit is a lot of places like this with excotic fishes on the facility’s 

The  stables next to the big arena

The warm up to the Grand Prix ringThe entrance to the big ring, photo taken from he warmup 

Walker and the stables 

Stable “village” 

Our stables 

The road to our stables (back road)

The shops and cafeteria 

The warm up tent and the other ring 

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