Tuesday and flatwork at the 🐴HORSE 🏝RIVIERA☀️RESORT🏄‍♀️

It was raining a lot in the night at home! I was suppose to leave early in the night from home and go back to Italy! But then bed and Francois kept me home until 08.30! 

And my speparation anxiety! When I leave I always turn back a couple of times to hug him and tell him that I love him before I finally actually go! Been like that all my life, but before it was like that with my parents! 

 flat work witn Alf’i! 

Rode him low and loose and just softly forward in the Grand Prix ring! Picture of me and Alf’i from Oliva!

Same job for ❄️🍹 (Ice Tea) but he had to do 50 000 transitions, he thought it would be a great idea to make some kind of speed record around the track in the Grand Prix ring, since it was no jumps there to slow down and concentrated about! But seriously, he was good and after a while soft and calm

Ice Tea checking out the 🇳🇴

After words light dressage on Duc😃 filling water on the truck! Shower and bed! Almost forgot! I had a session with my new mental coach today! Rasmus Bagger! It was superBecause of all the back and forward I just wanted to go early to bed and get a good night sleep

7 thoughts on “Tuesday and flatwork at the 🐴HORSE 🏝RIVIERA☀️RESORT🏄‍♀️”

  1. Har också separationsångest men mer med djuren.
    Hästarna, hunden.. katten. Alla djur. Ska åka utomlands och jobba om två-tre veckor och jag har inte så svårt att lämna familj , faktiskt.Men djuren ja. måste förbereda mig mentalt varje gång och grät idag faktiskt (det börjar närma sig) när jag tänkte att jag inte kmr se /vara med min hund ,alltså familjens hund, på flera månader.

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