Wednesday 🐴🙋riding, 🏝🏄‍♀️beach and vet check🐴🏃‍♀️

Started my day with breakfast in the truck and then riding some flatwork and galloping over small jumps with Alf’i 

Next one was Duc! Dressage for him today! Used a lot of time to loosen him up in Trott! In gallop I focused a lot on him having equall contact on both reins, being stright, since he likes to put his ass in when we are riding on the left side! All in all he was super ⭐ meet Thelma and Pickle! We tried to get a good picture together, and here are the best once 😂😂😉

Last one for me to ride today was the ❄️ICE MACHINE, and we started the ride with me eating ice🍦cream on him on our way up to the arena! 

❄️ICE🍹TEA was really super! Very relaxed and light in the mouth! We did loads of changin of the rhythm, in the softes way as possible, meaning, me asking soft and he answering softly straight away! We also tried to make a outfit of the day picture, 😂! Anyway, wearing my JEM L ridingpants, Chanel tank top, KEP ITALIA helmet

Checking for Camel toe? 😂

When we were finished riding I cleaned the tack and walked Calla while Anneli was mucking out! She’s amazing, she keeps the boxes 100% fresh! Like better than anyone!! When that was done, the horses got loads of hay, and their Musli, Anneli filled their two big buckets full with water (40 liters each 🐴) and me and her went to the beach 

Hermes shirt so pretty with the horses on! 

Swim time, and bikini of the day!  Lovely with a little wind, so it does not get to hot 

Even got some Mc Donald’s 

You could rent a swimming friend if you wanted! When I was little I had the crocodile! My dad bought it for me when we was in 🍍Grand Canaria🏝 we called it “CROCCOFANT”, loved it so much that we had to bring it home after the holidays and back the next holiday 😍☀️ what a AMAZING DADDY! Cattolica is beautiful 

After tanning we went back to the horses and went to the vet check! I took Duc, Anneli took Ice Tea and Alf’i 

I clipped Alf’i and Duc the whole horse, and the feet of Ice Tea! When it’s really hot in the afternoon the horses are sweating in the boxes! Even though Anneli had clipped them before we left Duc and Alf have put out some fur, so I decided I wanted to clip them so they have it a bit cooler! Ice Teas hair did not pop out so much and he has a fan, so just the legs was okey for him 

Almost forgot, did a little shopping today and this is what I got: bikini pants and a Gucci hair band 

2 thoughts on “Wednesday 🐴🙋riding, 🏝🏄‍♀️beach and vet check🐴🏃‍♀️”

  1. Yey they were prob happier i suppose after the cut (klippningen) 👍
    good to see the behind- the -scenes or “in between starts” moments thats what is great to read about too, imo:) and that the horses are well taken care of, love that!
    Thx for a good blog!

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