Thursday, clear round for ❄️ICE🍹TEA

Started the morning with breakfast in the truck and a run! 

The first class for us started 08.30 and I was NR 21 with Alf’i!

It was a 130 class and I had one time fault! A bit short time, and me and Alf’i just need many rounds to get good together! Look my clipping! Like a dalmatiner😃

 He jumped really good! 

After that I took Duc and Ice Tea for a walk 

Duc making himself cute to get apples! 

Ice Tea feeing ignored and angry when Duc gets apples when the apples coming in the direction of Ice Tea😍😍😍tonight the horse on the other side of Ice Tea broke his water cup, so it made Ice Teas box very wet, our tack box also! If things like this happens to you at the show, I just want to tell you that you can speak to the people in the show office and most likely you will get new shavings or straw for the boxes that are wet! The same is for the tent stables if it rains a lot and your box gets wet cause of the rain and the roof not being resistant for the rain or if the roof has holes. -then you most likely also will get free shawings from the organizer! My tip to you! Explain and ask! Most people are very helpful! 

Anyway, back to my day! I gave the guys some hay, and went to chill by the pool! I’m feeding Musli and more hay at 14.00 and riding at 16.00 as NR 21 and 70 something with Ice and Duc

Pool chill and bikini of the day🏄‍♀️🏝☀️ yes I gain some wight while being here, but that’s okey! And I’m still happy about my body!sparkling pants 

Went back to feed and got ready for my class that was postponed to 16.45! In the stable we have kidnapped this dog, Bodo, we call him BOOOO! So cute 

Ice Tea and me had a clear round and I was very happy! Francois was also very happy! Anneli to! Happy team! 

After the start of Ice Tea we had no stress to Duc! Since ice was 20 and Duc NR 71! Anneli could calmly wash Ice, and I had time to plait Duc! Apparently it was no time to take the helmet off😂

Duc and me had 3 down, a little close here and there! It can happen 

When we were finished in the stables we went to get groceries! And Ice Cream! Outfit: fornarina top and skirt, the skirt my daddy bought for me in Vesterås when I was in school in Sweden! A oldy but goodie! Hermes sandals, Louis Vuitton bag (this is my everyday bag, it’s very resistant cause it has a special leather! This bag is not so often on outfit pictures, because he normally “works” while the other bags are more for when I dress up and stuff I guess! Although this one is pretty also 😃

Glasses: snap chat, or insta story ah, and look at this picture!!! The 3 chestnuts making themsefs cute 😍 to see if the evening feed can come faster! Fun fact! Duc and Alf sleeps witn the door open in the night😴 whay? To get more air! Why not ❄️ICE🍹TEA? Bacause he has a fan, and he is more likely to be a Houdini and make a break out 😂

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