Saturday, clear round for Alf’i and first 6bar for Ice Tea

Breakfast in the truck and a run! Was only 20 degrees this morning so I had a sweatshirt on when I was jogging! When I’m used to 33-39 degrees, then 20 feels cold

From my jogging 🏃‍♀️
First class for us was me and Alf in 135! We had a nice clear round! It started 09.45 so I did not morning ride him, but went out for the class early to give him a long warm up like yesterday! He was really goood! But a bit strong actually, I can’t really hold him together in front of the jump and we get a bit to deep all the time.. so I am gonna buy this but ( the bit I am riding him on now) but instead of a gag, I would like these rings on the side! The same mouth pice

Here are some pictures from the round! 

Duc’S class started right after and I was NR 22. So I plaited Duc and Anneli took care of Alf’i! When I had walked the course Anneli had made Duc ready and we went up to the warm up! Really good round with one down! Little to close in to a double! Thecnical course with going from a over two stride vertical double directly to the water! But Duc is amazing! He just jumps! So brave

The 6 bar started later so I went to have lunch at the pool! 

Bikini of the day 

So, time for 6 bar with Ice Tea! His first 6 bar competition ever! I was VERY EXCITED!! I LOVE 6 BAR COMPETITON!!! So I had on my winning 6 bar competition outfit! I always had these pants and shirt when I won with Chambord! I explained it to ❄️ICE🍹TEA, and told him that the more rounds you get to jump the better it is!! Look how cute the picture is! Duc and Alf’i looking out of their boxes supporting Ice Tea and meUnfortunately we only got to ride one round today, cause we had pole in the first round! I try not to be sad about it! Usually usually I have loads of ribbons with me back from the shows! But now it’s about the horses learning, me learning, me dealing with problems I have for the moment and getting better every day! Our tack room Loads of carrots and apples for the horses 

In the evening me and Anneli went to get 🍦GELATO🍦 at Gelato Mania, as usual! I got two big once!!😋 check out how the pink Gucci glasses and bag are matching! And please check out the ice cream! I had two! Since tomorrow it’s packing and going home! So no time for Gelato 

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