Sunday Grand Prix for me and the ❄️ICE❄️MACHINE🍹🍹

The Grand Prix did not start before 11, and we had no classes before so I had time to sleep to 07.00 and jogge all the way to the hotel I was the two first weeks and jogge back! Even time to morning ride Alf’i 

So time to walk the course and ride the Grand Prix! I had start NR 23 so I watched the 2 first riders! It was a technical course with a lot of options! It went good I think! One light touch on the wall, Ice Tea tripped after the wall and I lost my right reins, so I had to jump the big water with only the left reins! But it went good! Had one down on a line where I had to choose 4 forward or 5 hold, I rode 4 forward that got to flat, and one more down in the 3 combination! All in all we are making progress and I am happy! 

Right after the Grand Prix it was Alf’i and my turn in 135! Same lines as the Grand Prix! NR one, then jump to and 3 where you had to choose 7 short or 6 forward, I rode 6 forward, good! Then a oxer and a double vertical two stride vertical, then the wall, 5 quite short or 4 VERY forward, I rode the 5! Went good! Then a double oxer one stride vertical, good, line choose 6 very forward or 7 steady, I did the 7- good! Then the same line I had with Ice Tea, the 4 forward or 5 short, 20.5 m, really tricky distance! I went for the 4 forward, but saw half way that I was not gonna make it, and it was to late to pull up on 5, made a quick circle and jumped the last one clear. So clear on fences but one circle! 

Dog cuddles between the classes! The brown is Bodo, the white is Kimmy! 

Now we are finished packing and I am in the taxi on my way back from the show! I have given back my rental car! 

Went out to eat with Thelma, Anneli, Mariano and Valentin! Such a nice and cozy place! 

Now just before I went to bed I put the bandages on the horses so we are ready to drive home at 03.00 AM tomorrow morning 

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