Friday, pool, Geneva and horses

Me, ❤️Francois, Geneviev and Lorinda had a long cozy breakfast at home! Then they packet up and went on their way while me and Francois went to the pool! 

The pool is closing on Sunday for this season, might stay open longer if the weather is great! So we really want to get some pool time this weekend! I am so BLESSED TO HAVE A MAN LIKE ❤️FRANCOIS❤️ you are PERFECT just the way you are😍

I had a BIIIIIG ice cream! Banana split! Eat the vanilla and half of the chocolate and one bite of the strawberries, and gave the rest to ❤️Francois❤️ he loves the strawberries flavor! 

We went to Geneva after cause I have a doctor appointment! And to check out a little in the shops! My mom has a birthday coming up 😉Red Louboutin shoes to match the red Hermes bag

Then time for the horses and riding! All the boys good! We let Alf loose gallop a little in the riding house before I rode him! Safe way to let the horse “be himself”! Since sometimes if they jump around to much in the paddock they might slip and fall! So he was really happy about that! He is also much more relaxed to ride when he has been allowed to be free! Still working on the same! 

My orange guys! Duc and Picsou 😍

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