Sunday, flatwork and pool time! 

Had the alarm on early and had made my mind up about doing my cardio before the stables today! But being home in my own bed with my love was WAY to good, so I snoozed,.. A LOOONG TIME! + at home the weather was gray and looked rainy! So the bed was such a attractive choice 

Went to the stables at 11 and rode Ice Tea first! I had a plesent surprise that it was sunshine here! So a day at the pool would also be possible 

Flatwork with poles and miniature jumps was on the schedual! I started the warming up with riding forward and then making him do a transition to walk in balance! He was at first falling on the front a little, but after a couple of HELLOOO ICEiiiiiiiiiii! He bend his hindlegs and did it correct! With the poles and the small jumps we played a little with the distances, forward, wait, forward! This training makes the Ice Machine hot, so when he got he had to do walk Trott walk Trott before we went back to the poles again! But not before he was PERFECTLY CALM! 

Next was Duc and he got to try the new saddle today! I REALLY LOVE BUTET! But riding in a new saddle is always … you know! Not so comfy the first week! Luckily Duc was perfect! Soft in the sides and listening really good! The vet is going to check is back tomorrow so just gave him a light work out!

Last one to ride for me was Alf’i! He tried the hacamore today! I felt at the show that if I am in a close distance to the jump and I try to hold him back he takes his head to much up, so I wanted to try this! It worked really well but he was more difficult to turn! So I’m gonna keep looking for something else! 

Btw, here are some horse things on my wishlist! 

Check out these Bordeaux eskadron boots, with matching bell boots! To ride dressage/flat work with when the weather gets colder again! I mean!!! WOW!!!

Or this blue set? Would maybe look even better on my chestnuts! I have one similar, but the bell boots are in the trash now, and the front once seems to have been upgraded a little from the once I have 

One more of this Bridel! Love the Equipe Mexican noseband! Duc is using the one I have, but I would really like Alf’i to have one also 

Equick gold boots!! Hahah! Don’t know if i like or don’t like! But if I had a pair I would be able to decide! Would love to train with them and see how I feel about them! In that case, with or without sheepskin??And if I did get those boots, would it not be totally AWESOME if I would wear it with this Gucci jacket! Me and this jacket? I mean! OOOOH! The bling! 

Next one! I love to have some extra grip in my saddle seat during competitions! Buuuut! I have a brown saddle so when ever I put something in the seat and the leather gets just remotely wet I get a bit brown in my ass, this would probably give the grip and make my ass white? What do you think?  And who to chose! The super grip with the plastic right in the butt.    or the one that has the super grip but is covered with something over??🤔

Okey so I’m really counting on some comment on this! So guys! Please

Me and Francois spend the afternoon by the pool! This cute top I got in Cattolica, skirt is from Cazeldonia in San Remo! Pillow to really cuddle myself in the sunbed! My Baby! 

Swimming! Bikini, children bikini bought at a random shop at the mall in Oliva! Seriously LOVING the yellow and pink together! Did not swim today, cause the weather is really getting colder, and the sun is not that warm now. Feeling like it is slowly changing from summer

When the pool closed me and Francois went for dinner at a really great Chinese restaurant! We were craving for Peking Duc! 


Same dress as at the Jazz Festival, but now witn high heels, another bag and a scarf instead of a belt! Totally gives it the look of a new outfit 

Francois❤️ was extra happy about the food 😍

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