Monday first time Crossfit

So today I had my first lesson with a privat trainer for crossfit! How it was, good I think, but I’m gonna do it one more time before I really tell you guys what I think! After that it was the stables! My outfit Cliper the feet of Duc with the little clipper! I do that because it’s easier to get the sand from the riding arena off the feet if they are clipped short! And the feet drys faster if the horses have short hair! 

Some causes for fungus and small wounds on the horses feet:

  1. The horse has the white sand from the arena on his feet, it is very sharp and can “cut” the horse skin and get under the skin and make small infections 
  2. If you don’t get the sand of the horses feet completely and you put bandages over
  3. When you wash the feet of the horse every day with water to get the sand off the feet, and then if the horse has long hair the legs can stay vet to long and they can get fungus 
  4. If you bandage the horses feet and the legs are vet 
  5. If you want to dry the horses feet with a towel and you did not get all the white sand of so you end up rubbing the sand in to the horse skin. That’s why when you dry, only dry down, not rub
  6. That the horse stands all day in a muddy paddock
  7. That the horse has long hair on the legs and someone just flushed water on the legs to remove the mud from the paddock when they take him in, and then leave the horse with partly mud and also vet feet and long hair on the legs. Causes the feet to stay vet to long and can give fungus 
  8. That it is a fungus infection that it contagious and that the horse get it from another horse with using the same brushes or protectors for the feet

So that’s why I clipped the legs of Duc today!

What else did I do? I hand walked Picsou and Jill, pic is really really fresh, but still under control!

Me and Alf’i had a long ride in he forest, same for me and Duc! 

Ice Tea had dressage! I am really happy about Ice for the moment! He made so much progress! When I look back at how it went in Oliva beginning of the year and how it goes now! Even though it’s not perfect and winning ribbons, the progression is the medal, and that is as important as winning, cause it is a victory of its own 😃

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