Wednesday and Geneva with my ❤️

Doctors appointment today so we left home early! Signature if Geneva! The water fountaina in the lake, you can see it behind the thres 

After the doctors appointment we have lunch! I had 3 courses 😋 tomato soup, lasagne and a big 🍦 with two spoons 

Then it was time for some shopping! I’m really in to Gucci again, love some of the clothes! Regardless my outfit, all Dior, top, hairband, bag, Chanel shoes! Thank you So much baby😃😍🛍still really hot in Geneva I also got these baby’s😎  Then we had another appointment to work on the pants together with Friends! JEM L is finished, and I am happy with the sizes! But JEM needs still some work! The factory people probably thinks I’m difficult, but I want PERFECT

FINALLY HORSES 😍 me and Alf went for a ride in the woods 

He was so happy to be able to gallop along the mais corn! Happy boy! 

Duc had some light dressage, Ice a day off, cause he lost a shoe and the hood is a bit broken so I have to wait for the blacksmith! I also rode Calla! She had to come back to suisse cause of the carnet, I’m pretty sure she is sold, but not 100%. Anyway, rode dressage, worked on her being straight in the body and she was really good and calm!

Then the usual, walking Picsou and Jill! Picsou a little naughty today! 

2 thoughts on “Wednesday and Geneva with my ❤️”

  1. I really love your skirt! It looks so pretty on you! I missed reading your diary, had so intensive summer! Now I am in again 🤗 I am so happy to see you with Ferrari, Eva! Now you have one more (after all the horses)! And it matches you like a hell!

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