Thursday ⛹️‍♀️second time crossfit

So I had another crossfit trainig today, and since last time I thought it was really easy and did not even brake a sweat.. so today I did not even bother to bring a towel and a water bottle, but boy was I wrong! My PT had stepped up the intensity 100 levels so I was really getting my army sweat on🏃‍♀️⛹️‍♀️😂 good! But I’m bringing the water bottle on Monday! 

After that I went to get groceries for my New Groom that comes tonight! I always fill up with food for my grooms when they come! Cause I remember when I was working as a rider, when I came late to a new place I had to start working early in the morning but did not have anything to eat. So then the first day is a bit hard on a empty belly learning new routines! I have done it for all the girls, but I’m not sure if they appreciate it or not??

Next up was the stables! The blacksmith was here I rode Alf first! Worked inside today, needed to look in the mirror to see that I could ride him 100% straight Alf was good and relaxed! I looked in the mirror and I am on track! Horse was pretty much straight! I even saw that I need to be more straight in the back! Sit up! Look up! Feel the horse! Good session! 

Duc had hand walking today, so had Ice Tea! It’s important to take in consideration how the horses are feeling to make them remain healthy. Like I feel that Duc and Ice need a couple of days easy, so although I had plans to jump this week I let them have one more week with out jumping

I also rode Calla, but she did not feel 100% good with her new shoes, so I went back out to the blacksmiths, and they arranged it perfect! But she should have a day of and get in to the shoes  

Picsou inpatient when he waits for me to get the ice vibe before his walk! Normally I park him next to the freezer when I put the ice vibe on, but it was so much traffic there so it had to be done here today. 

In the evening me and Francois went for dinner and some shopping on like a private evening with our favorite shops! 

I had a beautiful outfit on, but the zipper in the back broke so I had to change to my jogging clothes and put my Burberry trench coat over and change my heels for joggers 😂

They had decoration outside the shops we got this bracelets so we could go in to the stores Francois wearing his just before our bed time 😴
nice atmosphere with loads of happy people! 
I finally got a outfit for the court cases😅
Look! This bag is on my Christmas wish list! Okey I’m really in to Gucci now, but I mean, they took the vintage Dior pattern and made a new look 

Another day and outfit, wearing Chanel but taking some Gucci home 


AH! ALMOST FORGOT!!!!!!! BEST PART OF THE DAY MUST HAVE BEEN BUYING THIS GUY 😍You must think, WHY?? it’s because I have bought him to wrap him in beautiful Christmas paper and give him to the Red Cross for Christmas! Like me and Francois did last year! We buy teddy bears for children and stuff for adults trough the year, and when we aproche Christmas i wrap them, and we bring them to the Red Cross together 😍

2 thoughts on “Thursday ⛹️‍♀️second time crossfit”

  1. I know you dont need or “ask for” hearing it but you are a really kind person, i mean the groceries for the grooms.. etc .. and often little attentions as we can read in the blog
    You have a big heart ! And as a swede i know its more in the culture for scandinavians or like some things are kinda natural, but Still


    1. ….I mean that i dont think many ppl that Can give to others bc they financially Can really do it or neither have a big heart (some have ofc!!) and for that i admire you 🙂


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