Friday and first day for Niki😃

Started the day with showing Niki around the place, she’s our new groom! 

Then we took care of Jill together and let her be loose in the round pen a little! 

We do everyting togerther today so she sees and learns the routines!

So here I am walking Picsou, pay attantion to the ice vibe, so good for the horses to walk with them on! They cool down, vibrate and at the same time protect the horse incase something happened when you are out walking him! My outfit, my own riding pants, I’m wearing them cause I am testing! The rest is Gucci! Longe sleeve t-shirt, cardigan, belt and bracelet! Happy about my pants in the back, but I want to make them a bit higher 

Full look after I have showed how to handle Picsou in case he gets wild, Niki took him Already friends 

Then I rode Alf’i! Dressage today again! I also did this small jump on a circle 

Alf’i was good today, a little preoccupied since it was some wind! He was good, but not as relaxed as he was yesterday in he riding house!

Next was Callashe was surprisingly calm! But really! Focused and such a good girl! Had to ride a lot just forward to activate her whole body! She was a very very good girl! 

Then me and Niki went to eat at Starbucks 

Been wanting to try this one

But since I am allergic to sugar, it’s no more sugar this week.. so I guess I have to do it next week! I took a sugar free expression frappoccino with soyamilk and extra wipped cream, 150 kcal! 

Back to the stables and walking the horses! Letting them eat grass, showing Niki where she can go, the best places Ice Vibes – ON😃😃😃

Home to my BIG LOVE❤️Francois❤️

Quesadillas for dinner 

And now we are looking the 5* Longines show of Lausanne

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