Saturday and dinner in Lausanne with my love❤️

Started the day with sleeping in together with my love ❤️Francois❤️

Then I made my protein pancakes and made a Vlogg YouTube video about it! So you can see how easy and fast it is! I just have to like edit it a little so it fast forward over the boring parts and I put it on YouTube with the recipe 😋😋The finished result ready for me and Francois to eat😋

Then the stables! I rode dressage on Ice Tea first! Here you see my outfit and per usual beautiful poses of me and Ice😂😂😂 outfit, trying out my own white riding pants, Gucci sweat shirt, parlanti passion boots, Chanel belt.

So dressage with Ice Tea, he was good, okey he wanted to run and hang on the bit, but after 1 million transitions he was a good boy 

Next was Duc! He had a clam work out with mostly Trott and walk! Duc was a good boy as always, but found today’s training a little boring. So to give him something to think about I changed the speed a lot, also his shape. Low, and up! 

Then Alf’i! I am working har with Alf to go straight and take equal contact on both reins. Sometimes he is stronger on the left, sometimes in the right! Specially to be able to ride him in a deep shape on a straight line! Hi prio for us to make the jumping better! Here is me and Alf! Do you see the difference between Alf’i and Duc? 

Alfter working Alf’i 45 min in the riding house me and Niki who took Calla went for a ride in he forest! The weather is completely off, and sun one min, rain next no matter what, the horses really enjoyed it, and so did we! Alf is in like a ultimate physical shape when it comes to training, he did not even brake a sweat! Although we galloped a lot! 

So when I had done my with the horses I went for my cardio mouintain! I would on one hand say it was easy today cause it is not so hot, but I was sweating a lot down in the Wally, and cold up in the mouintain! I had shorts on, cause it is hard training and I usually sweat a lotluclkiy I had tied a jacket around my waist! So when I got up and it was cold I could stay warm 

In the afternoon me and ❤️Francois had invited Niki to come and eat with us! Quesadillas today also! Was really good 

Then me and Francois headed out to Lausanne to watch the class in the evening 😃

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