Sunday and first time jumping at home in a long time 

Pancakes for breakfast today also! Like always in the weekend! Then I went down to the stables!

Me and Niki started with building some jumps 

Alf’i first today! Made a easy course, after a lot of show riding it’s good for them to do something really easy! Also good for me, so it’s no 5 forward, 3 short. But just cantering around without effort! Alf’i was really good! Super also in the warm up, I could pick up the dressage where I left it yesterday and move up a little also 😍Alf’i, he was happy with his apples! Although he eats them 100 times slower then the rest of the gang! If I tell you Duc is the best carrot eater, this one is the worst😂

Next one was the Giraffe! She was also really relaxed today! I only did really small jumps and schooling her! She is most likely sold so I don’t do to much with her! Anyway she was a very good girl! Worked on keeping her straight! It gets easier and easier every day! So a steps in the right direction

Then it was Duc! We had a nice long ride in the forest! Btw, do you see the matching 🎀on our way back we went by the arena to grab a snack Last one for me to ride was Ice Tea! Dressage in the big paddock! He had plans about showing the other horses how fast he could run around with me on his back.. I had other plans..🙋 after a while I got him to calm down and be a good calm boy and focus on working correct! Ice Tea, Jill and Niki

Had a relaxing afternoon at home! After we were finished looking the Grand Prix in Lausanne!  Followed by the gym with ❤️Francois 😍

And dinner at Majestic in Montreux

Wearing my new Gucci dress🙋🎀food was amazing 

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