ICE ❄️ TEA 🍹

Hello, my name is Ice Tea! And I am the best horse in our string of horses! That may come as a news flash to some of you that thinks Picsou, Duc or Alf is the best, but then you have been given the wrong information! 

You can see how happy and proud my girl and my owner are to hold me

And to ride me! I am very handsome! I would say a very light footed horse! I love me! And so does almost everyone else! 

My favorite things in life? 

WINNIGNGRAND PRIX SHOWJUMPING!! I haven’t done it jet, but I am sure I’m gonna LOVE it! 

Other than that it would be jumping big jumps in full speed, and in general doing stuff in full speed! 

And eating of course! I like eating! 

How I first met my rider Eva? She came to Belgium to try me and I instantly liked her lightweight body and the feeling to take full speed with her and run to some big jumps! It was great! I had been having a big man rider for a while, and he was really hindering me in blowing out my full potientioal! 

I have the right color CHESTNUT to be one of the best Showjumpinghorses in the world! Look at this: 

Itot (the right color)Ninja La SillaFit For FunFor Pleasureshould I go on? 

So I have the color of being the BEST! All I need now is the speed of one of these horses! I don’t have the good color for speed, so I need to work on it a lot! I am highly motivated for this type of speed work and I know when I have got it I will be UNBETALBLE as a showjumper! 

When I arrived at my new home with my new girl rider Evai could already see that I got MUCH MORE  special treatment than the other horses in the stables! 

One of the things that really indicate that I am the most precious horse is this: I am closed inside my box during the day, while the rest of the stables goes in and out of their own box like they want. I do this at night! When all the normal horses are closed in! Of course I get to go to one big paddock to be loose and have my own time during the day, and also get to be ridden to practice my potential and hand walked to eat grass! Me inside, the normal horses outside!

Me outside while the other horses are looked inside 

I just had one problem with this, one of the other horses behaves like he is the owner of my little rider girl Eva. His name is Duc, he said this to me that I though was very rude 

You are closed inside your box during the day cause your a big idiot and the humans don’t want you to fight with me and Picsou, because WE are Eva’s best horses! Not you! Get that in your head! You are so big and wide, you would have been a excellent horse for pulling a carriage

I found his words very hurtful but never the less the top rider came to train me everyday so I was convinced it was no truth to it! 

One day I heard talk about interval training! This was like music to my ears, since I already am the perfect Jumper I just needed to work on my speed and stamina!!

I was waiting excited in my box when the groom came to pick me up! She tacked me on together with Picsou! When Eva came it was to my big disappointment that I saw her mont Picsou and the groom got on me! Me!! ICE TEA! I should have the best rider!!!! Not Picsou!

It was only one thing for me to do, to show Eva that I am faster and stronger than Picsou! 

I played cool as we were walking and trotting, letting Pic stay in the lead! But when we started to gallop I run past him and went faster and faster! Eva was shouting something, I think it was to cheer me on! 

I gues Picsou got tired quickly cause she started to circle him around on a smaller circle in the middle of the filled while I keep full speed around the whole filed! 

My rider shouted to Eva that she could not stop me, so she was going to let me run until I got so tired that I wanted to stop myself! 

After a good half a hour my groom was more tired tan me, and apparently Eva to, from keeping Picsou on the small circle! 

Eva and my groom said that they would go against the forest so I would naturally stop there. 

As I headed in a direction straight forward I saw Picsou starting to chase me from behind. And my groom steard me strigh in to some very very thick forest! But I had seen the speed horses do that, so if they thought that was going to stop me they were wrong!! I run straight trough it! 

Picsou on the other hand stoped and I guess he turned back home! 

Duc later told me that Picsou though I was a idiot to run trough there, and that he is to fine to do stuff like that and don’t want to danger himself of getting lame. But it’s not true, I am sure Picsou did not follow because he was afraid and tired. So Eva had to take him home and I take the car to be able to catch up with me and find us! 


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